Missouri State Employee Salaries | 2016

We have 185,958 Missouri employee salaries in our database. Average Missouri state employee salary is $37,763 and median salary is $37,290. Look up state of Missouri employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Kansas City by school name or teacher name.

Missouri Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
201614,666avg: $25,295median: $30,407
Corrections2016 14,666 $25,295$30,407View Details
Mental Health
201610,550avg: $24,194median: $22,507
Mental Health2016 10,550 $24,194$22,507View Details
Social Services
20169,940avg: $23,863median: $25,951
Social Services2016 9,940 $23,863$25,951View Details
Public Safety
20168,478avg: $26,433median: $21,284
Public Safety2016 8,478 $26,433$21,284View Details
20167,482avg: $29,831median: $32,295
Transportation2016 7,482 $29,831$32,295View Details
20164,955avg: $37,503median: $27,807
Judiciary2016 4,955 $37,503$27,807View Details
Elementary And Secondary Education
20162,980avg: $21,826median: $17,777
Elementary And Secondary Education2016 2,980 $21,826$17,777View Details
Natural Resources
20162,972avg: $21,793median: $13,955
Natural Resources2016 2,972 $21,793$13,955View Details
20162,507avg: $26,795median: $25,763
Conservation2016 2,507 $26,795$25,763View Details
Health And Senior Services
20162,474avg: $29,936median: $32,646
Health And Senior Services2016 2,474 $29,936$32,646View Details
Office Of Administration
20162,465avg: $33,791median: $32,320
Office Of Administration2016 2,465 $33,791$32,320View Details
20161,882avg: $23,997median: $24,100
Revenue2016 1,882 $23,997$24,100View Details
20161,415avg: $11,209median: $866
Agriculture2016 1,415 $11,209$866View Details
Labor And Industrial Relations
2016958avg: $32,028median: $31,804
Labor And Industrial Relations2016 958 $32,028$31,804View Details
Insurance Fin Inst And Prof Registration
2016938avg: $30,386median: $23,626
Insurance Fin Inst And Prof Registration2016 938 $30,386$23,626View Details
Economic Development
2016911avg: $34,206median: $32,344
Economic Development2016 911 $34,206$32,344View Details
2016747avg: $35,131median: $35,915
Legislature2016 747 $35,131$35,915View Details
Specl. Sch. Dst. St. Louis Co.
2016705avg: $69,995median: $68,131
Specl. Sch. Dst. St. Louis Co.2016 705 $69,995$68,131View Details
Central High
2016700avg: $49,425median: $47,385
Central High2016 700 $49,425$47,385View Details
Central Elem.
2016507avg: $44,267median: $43,550
Central Elem.2016 507 $44,267$43,550View Details