Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | 2015

We have 388,218 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $53,642 and median salary is $52,882. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City Of Philadelphia
201530,722avg: $63,181median: $60,224
City Of Philadelphia2015 30,722 $63,181$60,224View Details
Human Services
201518,811avg: $42,309median: $40,735
Human Services2015 18,811 $42,309$40,735View Details
201516,561avg: $60,296median: $62,362
Corrections2015 16,561 $60,296$62,362View Details
System Of Higher Education
201515,320avg: $52,722median: $43,796
System Of Higher Education2015 15,320 $52,722$43,796View Details
201515,106avg: $40,243median: $41,391
Transportation2015 15,106 $40,243$41,391View Details
Philadelphia City Sd
20159,245avg: $72,542median: $76,461
Philadelphia City Sd2015 9,245 $72,542$76,461View Details
Liquor Control Board
20156,785avg: $24,929median: $20,667
Liquor Control Board2015 6,785 $24,929$20,667View Details
State Police
20156,714avg: $78,341median: $88,540
State Police2015 6,714 $78,341$88,540View Details
Labor & Industry
20155,381avg: $46,116median: $44,300
Labor & Industry2015 5,381 $46,116$44,300View Details
Pa Higher Education Assistance
20154,867avg: $32,926median: $31,578
Pa Higher Education Assistance2015 4,867 $32,926$31,578View Details
County Of York
20154,131avg: $28,064median: $25,877
County Of York2015 4,131 $28,064$25,877View Details
City Of Pittsburgh
20153,834avg: $56,077median: $50,724
City Of Pittsburgh2015 3,834 $56,077$50,724View Details
Military & Veterans Affairs
20153,006avg: $35,066median: $33,865
Military & Veterans Affairs2015 3,006 $35,066$33,865View Details
Indiana University
20152,954avg: $37,667median: $19,879
Indiana University2015 2,954 $37,667$19,879View Details
County Of Montgomery
20152,846avg: $39,219median: $39,855
County Of Montgomery2015 2,846 $39,219$39,855View Details
Environmental Protection
20152,814avg: $54,301median: $54,794
Environmental Protection2015 2,814 $54,301$54,794View Details
County Of Lehigh
20152,712avg: $39,788median: $41,351
County Of Lehigh2015 2,712 $39,788$41,351View Details
Conservation & Natural Resourc
20152,660avg: $33,540median: $30,962
Conservation & Natural Resourc2015 2,660 $33,540$30,962View Details
County Of Bucks
20152,543avg: $53,042median: $53,797
County Of Bucks2015 2,543 $53,042$53,797View Details
West Chester University
20152,397avg: $48,088median: $38,811
West Chester University2015 2,397 $48,088$38,811View Details