Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | 2019

We have 429,159 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $55,120 and median salary is $55,198. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Philadelphia
201928,386avg: $62,227median: $59,942
City of Philadelphia2019 28,386 $62,227$59,942View Details
Department of Human Services
201915,623avg: $52,854median: $48,391
Department of Human Services2019 15,623 $52,854$48,391View Details
Department of Corrections
201913,822avg: $65,065median: $65,847
Department of Corrections2019 13,822 $65,065$65,847View Details
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
201913,371avg: $69,117median: $63,904
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education2019 13,371 $69,117$63,904View Details
Department of Transportation
201911,412avg: $52,107median: $46,220
Department of Transportation2019 11,412 $52,107$46,220View Details
Philadelphia City School District
20199,913avg: $72,998median: $75,964
Philadelphia City School District2019 9,913 $72,998$75,964View Details
Pennsylvania State Police
20197,189avg: $83,925median: $89,006
Pennsylvania State Police2019 7,189 $83,925$89,006View Details
Allegheny County Department of Administrative Services
20196,737avg: $46,390median: $44,768
Allegheny County Department of Administrative Services2019 6,737 $46,390$44,768View Details
West Chester University
20195,288avg: $26,956median: $4,435
West Chester University2019 5,288 $26,956$4,435View Details
Harrisburg Area Community College
20194,918avg: $16,769median: $5,169
Harrisburg Area Community College2019 4,918 $16,769$5,169View Details
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
20194,744avg: $24,025median: $3,245
Indiana University of Pennsylvania2019 4,744 $24,025$3,245View Details
Department of Labor and Industry
20194,140avg: $60,787median: $55,198
Department of Labor and Industry2019 4,140 $60,787$55,198View Details
California University of Pennsylvania
20194,067avg: $15,569median: $943
California University of Pennsylvania2019 4,067 $15,569$943View Details
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
20194,057avg: $20,185median: $2,003
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania2019 4,057 $20,185$2,003View Details
Central Pennsylvania Community College
20193,861avg: $19,967median: $7,331
Central Pennsylvania Community College2019 3,861 $19,967$7,331View Details
City of Pittsburgh
20193,824avg: $57,373median: $53,329
City of Pittsburgh2019 3,824 $57,373$53,329View Details
Kutztown University
20193,646avg: $20,367median: $2,371
Kutztown University2019 3,646 $20,367$2,371View Details
Slippery Rock University
20193,487avg: $21,478median: $2,185
Slippery Rock University2019 3,487 $21,478$2,185View Details
Montgomery County
20193,247avg: $43,580median: $43,963
Montgomery County2019 3,247 $43,580$43,963View Details
Millersville University
20193,246avg: $22,359median: $3,531
Millersville University2019 3,246 $22,359$3,531View Details