Pennsylvania Employers

Employers Number 1828

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Human Services
201616,200avg: $48,298median: $44,929
Human Services2016 16,200 $48,298$44,929View Details
201614,949avg: $59,063median: $59,462
Corrections2016 14,949 $59,063$59,462View Details
System Of Higher Education
201612,249avg: $61,079median: $54,748
System Of Higher Education2016 12,249 $61,079$54,748View Details
201611,313avg: $47,836median: $43,932
Transportation2016 11,313 $47,836$43,932View Details
Philadelphia City Sd
20169,155avg: $71,320median: $73,453
Philadelphia City Sd2016 9,155 $71,320$73,453View Details
County Of Allegheny
20166,660avg: $44,004median: $42,083
County Of Allegheny2016 6,660 $44,004$42,083View Details
State Police
20165,968avg: $77,140median: $84,124
State Police2016 5,968 $77,140$84,124View Details
Labor & Industry
20164,506avg: $53,697median: $50,152
Labor & Industry2016 4,506 $53,697$50,152View Details
County Of Delaware
20164,277avg: $32,645median: $32,000
County Of Delaware2016 4,277 $32,645$32,000View Details
City Of Pittsburgh
20163,808avg: $55,687median: $50,818
City Of Pittsburgh2016 3,808 $55,687$50,818View Details
Community College Of Harrisburg Area
20163,413avg: $20,351median: $9,310
Community College Of Harrisburg Area2016 3,413 $20,351$9,310View Details
Community College Of Allegheny County
20163,129avg: $28,816median: $9,676
Community College Of Allegheny County2016 3,129 $28,816$9,676View Details
County Of Montgomery
20163,113avg: $40,075median: $40,807
County Of Montgomery2016 3,113 $40,075$40,807View Details
Liquor Control Board
20163,091avg: $42,217median: $38,866
Liquor Control Board2016 3,091 $42,217$38,866View Details
Pa Higher Education Assistance
20162,816avg: $49,906median: $42,000
Pa Higher Education Assistance2016 2,816 $49,906$42,000View Details
County Of Lehigh
20162,713avg: $40,474median: $42,309
County Of Lehigh2016 2,713 $40,474$42,309View Details
County Of York
20162,452avg: $40,490median: $39,478
County Of York2016 2,452 $40,490$39,478View Details
County Of Northampton
20162,449avg: $36,888median: $37,072
County Of Northampton2016 2,449 $36,888$37,072View Details
West Chester University
20162,439avg: $48,726median: $40,062
West Chester University2016 2,439 $48,726$40,062View Details
Military & Veterans Affairs
20162,422avg: $42,600median: $37,849
Military & Veterans Affairs2016 2,422 $42,600$37,849View Details

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