Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | 2017

We have 390,851 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $57,157 and median salary is $55,844. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Philadelphia
201728,454avg: $64,953median: $61,217
City of Philadelphia2017 28,454 $64,953$61,217View Details
Human Services
201715,747avg: $48,874median: $45,734
Human Services2017 15,747 $48,874$45,734View Details
201714,741avg: $61,609median: $62,467
Corrections2017 14,741 $61,609$62,467View Details
System Of Higher Education
201712,224avg: $62,902median: $55,961
System Of Higher Education2017 12,224 $62,902$55,961View Details
201711,309avg: $48,249median: $43,775
Transportation2017 11,309 $48,249$43,775View Details
Philadelphia City Sd
20179,541avg: $70,006median: $70,564
Philadelphia City Sd2017 9,541 $70,006$70,564View Details
County of Allegheny Department Administrative Services
20176,840avg: $45,909median: $43,523
County of Allegheny Department Administrative Services2017 6,840 $45,909$43,523View Details
State Police
20175,915avg: $77,552median: $81,891
State Police2017 5,915 $77,552$81,891View Details
Southeastern Pa Trans Authority (Ctd)
20175,055avg: $62,130median: $63,287
Southeastern Pa Trans Authority (Ctd)2017 5,055 $62,130$63,287View Details
Labor & Industry
20174,011avg: $55,280median: $51,149
Labor & Industry2017 4,011 $55,280$51,149View Details
City of Pittsburgh
20173,921avg: $57,804median: $54,076
City of Pittsburgh2017 3,921 $57,804$54,076View Details
County of Delaware
20173,617avg: $39,601median: $37,001
County of Delaware2017 3,617 $39,601$37,001View Details
County of Montgomery
20173,204avg: $41,189median: $41,511
County of Montgomery2017 3,204 $41,189$41,511View Details
Community College of Allegheny County
20173,134avg: $23,240median: $9,700
Community College of Allegheny County2017 3,134 $23,240$9,700View Details
Community College of Bucks County
20173,032avg: $13,821median: $3,701
Community College of Bucks County2017 3,032 $13,821$3,701View Details
County of York
20173,023avg: $38,828median: $38,522
County of York2017 3,023 $38,828$38,522View Details
Liquor Control Board
20173,010avg: $43,869median: $40,743
Liquor Control Board2017 3,010 $43,869$40,743View Details
Central Pennsylvania Community College
20172,980avg: $23,475median: $13,801
Central Pennsylvania Community College2017 2,980 $23,475$13,801View Details
Community College of Harrisburg Area
20172,748avg: $24,936median: $16,234
Community College of Harrisburg Area2017 2,748 $24,936$16,234View Details
Pa Higher Education Assistance
20172,727avg: $52,112median: $44,548
Pa Higher Education Assistance2017 2,727 $52,112$44,548View Details