Pennsylvania Employers

Employers Number 1763

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
21St Century Cyber Cs
201753avg: $62,483median: $56,462
21St Century Cyber Cs2017 53 $62,483$56,462View Details
A W Beattie Career Center
201739avg: $67,764median: $64,353
A W Beattie Career Center2017 39 $67,764$64,353View Details
Abington Heights Sd
2017262avg: $65,970median: $66,372
Abington Heights Sd2017 262 $65,970$66,372View Details
Abington Sd
2017641avg: $91,701median: $89,426
Abington Sd2017 641 $91,701$89,426View Details
Academy Cs
201728avg: $34,108median: $32,000
Academy Cs2017 28 $34,108$32,000View Details
Achievement House Cs
201741avg: $52,266median: $46,796
Achievement House Cs2017 41 $52,266$46,796View Details
Act Academy Cyber Cs
201710avg: $46,385median: $45,000
Act Academy Cyber Cs2017 10 $46,385$45,000View Details
Ad Prima Cs
201751avg: $50,782median: $46,350
Ad Prima Cs2017 51 $50,782$46,350View Details
Admiral Peary Avts
201720avg: $55,446median: $54,960
Admiral Peary Avts2017 20 $55,446$54,960View Details
201786avg: $67,486median: $62,455
Aging2017 86 $67,486$62,455View Details
Agora Cyber Cs
2017486avg: $46,966median: $44,388
Agora Cyber Cs2017 486 $46,966$44,388View Details
2017554avg: $56,616median: $52,284
Agriculture2017 554 $56,616$52,284View Details
Air & Water Pollution Control
20174avg: $63,424median: $66,523
Air & Water Pollution Control2017 4 $63,424$66,523View Details
Airport Authority of Johnstown-Cambria County
201713avg: $26,023median: $28,577
Airport Authority of Johnstown-Cambria County2017 13 $26,023$28,577View Details
Airport Authority of Mifflin County
20173avg: $13,267median: $14,009
Airport Authority of Mifflin County2017 3 $13,267$14,009View Details
Airport Authority of Zelienople
20171avg: $25,383median: $25,383
Airport Authority of Zelienople2017 1 $25,383$25,383View Details
Albert Gallatin Area Sd
2017254avg: $58,108median: $56,756
Albert Gallatin Area Sd2017 254 $58,108$56,756View Details
Aliquippa Sd
2017102avg: $62,393median: $65,227
Aliquippa Sd2017 102 $62,393$65,227View Details
Allegheny County Airport Authority
2017473avg: $63,379median: $62,683
Allegheny County Airport Authority2017 473 $63,379$62,683View Details
Allegheny Iu 3
2017589avg: $64,487median: $58,735
Allegheny Iu 32017 589 $64,487$58,735View Details

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Average Salary