Rhode Island Employers

Employers Number 1182

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Coventry Fire District
20199avg: $67,871median: $70,916
Coventry Fire District2019 9 $67,871$70,916View Details
Bristol Housing Authority
20199avg: $58,206median: $55,992
Bristol Housing Authority2019 9 $58,206$55,992View Details
Workers' Compensation Court
20199avg: $146,873median: $161,301
Workers' Compensation Court2019 9 $146,873$161,301View Details
Foster Police Dept.
20189avg: $55,832median: $59,717
Foster Police Dept.2018 9 $55,832$59,717View Details
Foster Police Dept.
20179avg: $55,924median: $58,159
Foster Police Dept.2017 9 $55,924$58,159View Details
Ri Council On The Arts
20169avg: $62,437median: $55,594
Ri Council On The Arts2016 9 $62,437$55,594View Details
R.i. Airport Corporation
20159avg: $79,297median: $74,938
R.i. Airport Corporation2015 9 $79,297$74,938View Details
Workers Compensation Court
20159avg: $171,507median: $170,290
Workers Compensation Court2015 9 $171,507$170,290View Details
Johnston Housing Auth.
20159avg: $42,856median: $44,491
Johnston Housing Auth.2015 9 $42,856$44,491View Details
The Village Green Virtual Charter School
20159avg: $58,355median: $41,550
The Village Green Virtual Charter School2015 9 $58,355$41,550View Details
Warren Housing Auth.
20159avg: $34,022median: $39,021
Warren Housing Auth.2015 9 $34,022$39,021View Details
Warren Housing Authority
20198avg: $51,892median: $48,757
Warren Housing Authority2019 8 $51,892$48,757View Details
Lieutenant Governor
20188avg: $75,140median: $59,366
Lieutenant Governor2018 8 $75,140$59,366View Details
Warren Housing Auth.
20188avg: $47,658median: $46,033
Warren Housing Auth.2018 8 $47,658$46,033View Details
West Warwick Housing Auth.
20178avg: $38,823median: $44,300
West Warwick Housing Auth.2017 8 $38,823$44,300View Details
Bristol Housing Authority
20178avg: $55,338median: $50,967
Bristol Housing Authority2017 8 $55,338$50,967View Details
Workers Compensation (Judges)
20178avg: $172,573median: $170,906
Workers Compensation (Judges)2017 8 $172,573$170,906View Details
Johnston Housing Auth.
20178avg: $56,405median: $51,488
Johnston Housing Auth.2017 8 $56,405$51,488View Details
Lieutenant Governor
20168avg: $76,854median: $68,775
Lieutenant Governor2016 8 $76,854$68,775View Details
Bristol Housing Authority
20168avg: $51,817median: $45,995
Bristol Housing Authority2016 8 $51,817$45,995View Details

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