Tennessee Employers

Employers Number 99

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City Of Memphis
20166,385avg: $52,794median: $56,148
City Of Memphis2016 6,385 $52,794$56,148View Details
20165,577avg: $33,868median: $30,588
Correction2016 5,577 $33,868$30,588View Details
Children's Services
20163,731avg: $42,104median: $39,156
Children's Services2016 3,731 $42,104$39,156View Details
Human Services
20163,485avg: $38,229median: $34,092
Human Services2016 3,485 $38,229$34,092View Details
20163,009avg: $41,290median: $35,856
Transportation2016 3,009 $41,290$35,856View Details
20162,625avg: $45,354median: $42,936
Health2016 2,625 $45,354$42,936View Details
Environment And Conservation
20162,475avg: $32,280median: $31,932
Environment And Conservation2016 2,475 $32,280$31,932View Details
University Of Memphis
20162,283avg: $62,877median: $54,871
University Of Memphis2016 2,283 $62,877$54,871View Details
Middle Tn State University
20162,112avg: $59,429median: $51,551
Middle Tn State University2016 2,112 $59,429$51,551View Details
East Tennessee State Univ
20162,044avg: $59,930median: $47,917
East Tennessee State Univ2016 2,044 $59,930$47,917View Details
20161,505avg: $41,646median: $36,636
Didd2016 1,505 $41,646$36,636View Details
Mental Health
20161,477avg: $42,543median: $33,552
Mental Health2016 1,477 $42,543$33,552View Details
Tennessee State University
20161,108avg: $56,299median: $50,762
Tennessee State University2016 1,108 $56,299$50,762View Details
Tn Technological Univ
20161,104avg: $57,595median: $51,211
Tn Technological Univ2016 1,104 $57,595$51,211View Details
District Attorneys General Con
20161,080avg: $61,065median: $52,080
District Attorneys General Con2016 1,080 $61,065$52,080View Details
2016992avg: $49,575median: $45,809
Education2016 992 $49,575$45,809View Details
2016948avg: $50,295median: $40,992
Tenncare2016 948 $50,295$40,992View Details
Labor & Workforce Development
2016926avg: $42,928median: $37,902
Labor & Workforce Development2016 926 $42,928$37,902View Details
Finance And Administration
2016919avg: $63,981median: $60,720
Finance And Administration2016 919 $63,981$60,720View Details
Austin Peay State University
2016848avg: $54,346median: $48,470
Austin Peay State University2016 848 $54,346$48,470View Details

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