Tennessee Employers

Employers Number 617

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County
201925,089avg: $40,750median: $44,103
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County2019 25,089 $40,750$44,103View Details
City of Memphis
20199,058avg: $49,751median: $50,695
City of Memphis2019 9,058 $49,751$50,695View Details
University of Tennessee (Flagship University)
20197,580avg: $51,089median: $42,861
University of Tennessee (Flagship University)2019 7,580 $51,089$42,861View Details
Shelby County School District
20197,556avg: $61,323median: $59,465
Shelby County School District2019 7,556 $61,323$59,465View Details
Davidson County School District
20196,453avg: $56,067median: $52,373
Davidson County School District2019 6,453 $56,067$52,373View Details
Shelby County
20196,353avg: $46,395median: $44,814
Shelby County2019 6,353 $46,395$44,814View Details
Knox County School District
20194,856avg: $48,121median: $46,345
Knox County School District2019 4,856 $48,121$46,345View Details
Tennessee Department of Correction
20194,668avg: $42,839median: $41,203
Tennessee Department of Correction2019 4,668 $42,839$41,203View Details
Tennessee Department of Health
20194,581avg: $56,993median: $54,018
Tennessee Department of Health2019 4,581 $56,993$54,018View Details
Tennessee Department of Transportation
20194,232avg: $49,428median: $44,052
Tennessee Department of Transportation2019 4,232 $49,428$44,052View Details
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
20194,177avg: $48,482median: $49,834
Tennessee Department of Children's Services2019 4,177 $48,482$49,834View Details
Tennessee Department of Human Resources
20193,994avg: $41,263median: $38,733
Tennessee Department of Human Resources2019 3,994 $41,263$38,733View Details
Rutherford County School District
20193,540avg: $53,909median: $53,763
Rutherford County School District2019 3,540 $53,909$53,763View Details
Hamilton County School District
20193,529avg: $56,148median: $55,700
Hamilton County School District2019 3,529 $56,148$55,700View Details
City of Chattanooga
20193,247avg: $38,306median: $36,991
City of Chattanooga2019 3,247 $38,306$36,991View Details
Williamson County School District
20192,990avg: $52,612median: $48,523
Williamson County School District2019 2,990 $52,612$48,523View Details
Blount County
20192,822avg: $32,109median: $31,763
Blount County2019 2,822 $32,109$31,763View Details
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District
20192,679avg: $54,510median: $53,199
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District2019 2,679 $54,510$53,199View Details
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
20192,379avg: $49,413median: $50,638
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation2019 2,379 $49,413$50,638View Details
Sumner County School District
20192,346avg: $49,343median: $47,795
Sumner County School District2019 2,346 $49,343$47,795View Details

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