Tennessee Employers

Employers Number 602

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County
201832,355avg: $40,451median: $43,993
Metro Government of Nashville and Davidson County2018 32,355 $40,451$43,993View Details
University Of Tennessee
20186,836avg: $52,087median: $43,800
University Of Tennessee2018 6,836 $52,087$43,800View Details
City Of Memphis
20186,632avg: $54,099median: $56,709
City Of Memphis2018 6,632 $54,099$56,709View Details
Shelby Co Bd Of Ed Teachers
20186,613avg: $66,678median: $64,829
Shelby Co Bd Of Ed Teachers2018 6,613 $66,678$64,829View Details
Davidson County Schools
20186,542avg: $57,158median: $53,438
Davidson County Schools2018 6,542 $57,158$53,438View Details
County Of Shelby
20184,878avg: $53,846median: $52,272
County Of Shelby2018 4,878 $53,846$52,272View Details
Knox County Schools
20184,402avg: $62,672median: $61,338
Knox County Schools2018 4,402 $62,672$61,338View Details
20184,344avg: $38,901median: $38,120
Corrections2018 4,344 $38,901$38,120View Details
Hamilton County Schools
20183,392avg: $54,794median: $53,969
Hamilton County Schools2018 3,392 $54,794$53,969View Details
Rutherford County Schools
20183,358avg: $52,702median: $52,346
Rutherford County Schools2018 3,358 $52,702$52,346View Details
Childrens Services
20183,346avg: $45,824median: $47,808
Childrens Services2018 3,346 $45,824$47,808View Details
Human Services
20183,311avg: $40,242median: $38,173
Human Services2018 3,311 $40,242$38,173View Details
County of Blount
20182,938avg: $27,730median: $26,598
County of Blount2018 2,938 $27,730$26,598View Details
Williamson County Schools
20182,830avg: $53,313median: $48,522
Williamson County Schools2018 2,830 $53,313$48,522View Details
20182,783avg: $43,794median: $39,506
Tdot2018 2,783 $43,794$39,506View Details
Montgomery County Schools
20182,507avg: $54,364median: $52,601
Montgomery County Schools2018 2,507 $54,364$52,601View Details
County Of Williamson
20182,373avg: $20,836median: $6,626
County Of Williamson2018 2,373 $20,836$6,626View Details
Public Health
20182,266avg: $53,050median: $49,062
Public Health2018 2,266 $53,050$49,062View Details
Sumner County Schools
20182,248avg: $49,132median: $47,524
Sumner County Schools2018 2,248 $49,132$47,524View Details
20181,914avg: $46,360median: $45,989
Conservation2018 1,914 $46,360$45,989View Details

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