Tennessee Employers

Employers Number 562

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Tennessee (Flagship University)
20207,710avg: $53,407median: $45,246
University of Tennessee (Flagship University)2020 7,710 $53,407$45,246View Details
Shelby County School District
20207,454avg: $62,292median: $60,773
Shelby County School District2020 7,454 $62,292$60,773View Details
Davidson County School District
20206,154avg: $58,509median: $54,347
Davidson County School District2020 6,154 $58,509$54,347View Details
Shelby County
20205,931avg: $50,394median: $48,424
Shelby County2020 5,931 $50,394$48,424View Details
Knox County School District
20204,880avg: $55,010median: $53,310
Knox County School District2020 4,880 $55,010$53,310View Details
Tennessee Department of Correction
20204,249avg: $44,941median: $44,372
Tennessee Department of Correction2020 4,249 $44,941$44,372View Details
Tennessee Department of Health
20203,851avg: $55,263median: $49,498
Tennessee Department of Health2020 3,851 $55,263$49,498View Details
Tennessee Department of Human Resources
20203,779avg: $41,723median: $39,929
Tennessee Department of Human Resources2020 3,779 $41,723$39,929View Details
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
20203,713avg: $47,664median: $50,580
Tennessee Department of Children's Services2020 3,713 $47,664$50,580View Details
Tennessee Department of Transportation
20203,669avg: $48,246median: $42,237
Tennessee Department of Transportation2020 3,669 $48,246$42,237View Details
Rutherford County School District
20203,661avg: $55,440median: $55,291
Rutherford County School District2020 3,661 $55,440$55,291View Details
Hamilton County School District
20203,545avg: $57,912median: $57,406
Hamilton County School District2020 3,545 $57,912$57,406View Details
Williamson County School District
20203,251avg: $55,522median: $52,016
Williamson County School District2020 3,251 $55,522$52,016View Details
Blount County
20203,033avg: $31,566median: $30,323
Blount County2020 3,033 $31,566$30,323View Details
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District
20202,734avg: $55,491median: $53,918
Clarksville-Montgomery County School District2020 2,734 $55,491$53,918View Details
Sumner County School District
20202,343avg: $52,041median: $50,359
Sumner County School District2020 2,343 $52,041$50,359View Details
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
20202,054avg: $49,909median: $40,572
Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services2020 2,054 $49,909$40,572View Details
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
20201,992avg: $47,598median: $46,354
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation2020 1,992 $47,598$46,354View Details
Carter County
20201,797avg: $22,346median: $13,780
Carter County2020 1,797 $22,346$13,780View Details
Franklin County
20201,601avg: $24,972median: $18,601
Franklin County2020 1,601 $24,972$18,601View Details

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