Wisconsin Employers

Employers Number 504

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Corrections - Dept Of
20159,990avg: $47,744median: $46,859
Corrections - Dept Of2015 9,990 $47,744$46,859View Details
Health Services
20156,216avg: $47,573median: $42,639
Health Services2015 6,216 $47,573$42,639View Details
Milwaukee Sch Dist
20155,944avg: $42,035median: $41,070
Milwaukee Sch Dist2015 5,944 $42,035$41,070View Details
Natural Resources-dept Of
20153,813avg: $38,576median: $42,461
Natural Resources-dept Of2015 3,813 $38,576$42,461View Details
Transportation - Dept Of
20153,530avg: $55,872median: $55,603
Transportation - Dept Of2015 3,530 $55,872$55,603View Details
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist
20153,217avg: $52,501median: $52,435
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist2015 3,217 $52,501$52,435View Details
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist
20152,128avg: $53,838median: $54,089
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist2015 2,128 $53,838$54,089View Details
Wi State Fair Park
20151,787avg: $3,501median: $771
Wi State Fair Park2015 1,787 $3,501$771View Details
Racine Unified Sch Dist
20151,752avg: $58,938median: $58,917
Racine Unified Sch Dist2015 1,752 $58,938$58,917View Details
Workforce Development-dept
20151,752avg: $47,069median: $42,489
Workforce Development-dept2015 1,752 $47,069$42,489View Details
Kenosha Sch Dist
20151,598avg: $64,704median: $65,271
Kenosha Sch Dist2015 1,598 $64,704$65,271View Details
Veterans Affairs Dept Of
20151,423avg: $38,622median: $35,733
Veterans Affairs Dept Of2015 1,423 $38,622$35,733View Details
Appleton Area Sch Dist
20151,409avg: $56,995median: $57,894
Appleton Area Sch Dist2015 1,409 $56,995$57,894View Details
Revenue-dept Of
20151,168avg: $50,518median: $50,050
Revenue-dept Of2015 1,168 $50,518$50,050View Details
Waukesha Sch Dist
20151,130avg: $61,351median: $60,533
Waukesha Sch Dist2015 1,130 $61,351$60,533View Details
Admin-dept Of
20151,092avg: $54,649median: $57,544
Admin-dept Of2015 1,092 $54,649$57,544View Details
Oshkosh Area Sch Dist
2015956avg: $51,398median: $49,822
Oshkosh Area Sch Dist2015 956 $51,398$49,822View Details
Eau Claire Area Sch Dist
2015954avg: $50,988median: $48,720
Eau Claire Area Sch Dist2015 954 $50,988$48,720View Details
Janesville Sch Dist
2015905avg: $56,341median: $57,670
Janesville Sch Dist2015 905 $56,341$57,670View Details
West Allis-west Milwaukee Sch
2015852avg: $53,075median: $48,664
West Allis-west Milwaukee Sch2015 852 $53,075$48,664View Details

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