Wisconsin Employers

Employers Number 509

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Dept Of Corrections
201611,424avg: $44,218median: $45,618
Dept Of Corrections2016 11,424 $44,218$45,618View Details
Dept Of Health Services
20167,209avg: $43,900median: $40,917
Dept Of Health Services2016 7,209 $43,900$40,917View Details
Milwaukee Sch Dist
20164,813avg: $63,938median: $62,289
Milwaukee Sch Dist2016 4,813 $63,938$62,289View Details
Dept Of Natural Resources
20164,766avg: $31,873median: $19,569
Dept Of Natural Resources2016 4,766 $31,873$19,569View Details
Dept Of Transportation
20164,071avg: $50,590median: $53,058
Dept Of Transportation2016 4,071 $50,590$53,058View Details
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist
20163,107avg: $54,416median: $54,046
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist2016 3,107 $54,416$54,046View Details
State Fair Park Board
20162,329avg: $2,897median: $697
State Fair Park Board2016 2,329 $2,897$697View Details
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist
20162,247avg: $53,944median: $54,089
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist2016 2,247 $53,944$54,089View Details
Racine Unified Sch Dist
20161,902avg: $57,958median: $57,764
Racine Unified Sch Dist2016 1,902 $57,958$57,764View Details
Dept Of Workforce Development
20161,847avg: $42,680median: $40,638
Dept Of Workforce Development2016 1,847 $42,680$40,638View Details
Kenosha Sch Dist
20161,769avg: $61,946median: $64,204
Kenosha Sch Dist2016 1,769 $61,946$64,204View Details
Dept Of Veterans Affairs
20161,748avg: $33,792median: $32,973
Dept Of Veterans Affairs2016 1,748 $33,792$32,973View Details
Dept Of Revenue
20161,450avg: $46,914median: $47,280
Dept Of Revenue2016 1,450 $46,914$47,280View Details
Appleton Area Sch Dist
20161,432avg: $56,242median: $54,500
Appleton Area Sch Dist2016 1,432 $56,242$54,500View Details
Dept Of Administration
20161,296avg: $51,765median: $53,921
Dept Of Administration2016 1,296 $51,765$53,921View Details
Waukesha Sch Dist
20161,109avg: $62,290median: $60,848
Waukesha Sch Dist2016 1,109 $62,290$60,848View Details
Oshkosh Area Sch Dist
2016989avg: $52,654median: $51,441
Oshkosh Area Sch Dist2016 989 $52,654$51,441View Details
Dept Of Public Instruction
2016964avg: $40,203median: $39,260
Dept Of Public Instruction2016 964 $40,203$39,260View Details
Eau Claire Area Sch Dist
2016938avg: $51,047median: $47,402
Eau Claire Area Sch Dist2016 938 $51,047$47,402View Details
Janesville Sch Dist
2016924avg: $56,337median: $57,993
Janesville Sch Dist2016 924 $56,337$57,993View Details

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