Wisconsin Employers

Employers Number 1523

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Wisconsin
201735,961avg: $53,724median: $48,110
University of Wisconsin2017 35,961 $53,724$48,110View Details
Dept Of Corrections
201711,228avg: $45,085median: $46,043
Dept Of Corrections2017 11,228 $45,085$46,043View Details
City of Milwaukee
20177,871avg: $58,858median: $55,441
City of Milwaukee2017 7,871 $58,858$55,441View Details
Dept Of Health Services
20177,345avg: $43,852median: $41,471
Dept Of Health Services2017 7,345 $43,852$41,471View Details
City of Madison
20175,829avg: $35,770median: $17,597
City of Madison2017 5,829 $35,770$17,597View Details
Milwaukee Scholars Charter Sch
20175,651avg: $63,209median: $61,993
Milwaukee Scholars Charter Sch2017 5,651 $63,209$61,993View Details
Dept Of Natural Resources
20174,744avg: $31,971median: $18,613
Dept Of Natural Resources2017 4,744 $31,971$18,613View Details
Dept Of Transportation
20174,015avg: $50,914median: $53,123
Dept Of Transportation2017 4,015 $50,914$53,123View Details
County of Dane
20173,587avg: $46,262median: $52,081
County of Dane2017 3,587 $46,262$52,081View Details
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist
20172,808avg: $55,597median: $55,195
Madison Metropolitan Sch Dist2017 2,808 $55,597$55,195View Details
Technical College of Madison Area
20172,365avg: $41,835median: $21,643
Technical College of Madison Area2017 2,365 $41,835$21,643View Details
State Fair Park Board
20172,209avg: $3,296median: $803
State Fair Park Board2017 2,209 $3,296$803View Details
Technical College of Northeast Wisconsin
20172,033avg: $27,648median: $7,088
Technical College of Northeast Wisconsin2017 2,033 $27,648$7,088View Details
County of Waukesha
20172,031avg: $42,901median: $42,675
County of Waukesha2017 2,031 $42,901$42,675View Details
City of Green Bay
20172,024avg: $31,727median: $9,240
City of Green Bay2017 2,024 $31,727$9,240View Details
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist
20171,947avg: $55,283median: $54,630
Green Bay Area Public Sch Dist2017 1,947 $55,283$54,630View Details
Kenosha Sch Dist
20171,776avg: $61,596median: $62,893
Kenosha Sch Dist2017 1,776 $61,596$62,893View Details
Racine Unified Sch Dist
20171,770avg: $59,463median: $58,994
Racine Unified Sch Dist2017 1,770 $59,463$58,994View Details
Dept Of Workforce Development
20171,770avg: $44,105median: $42,317
Dept Of Workforce Development2017 1,770 $44,105$42,317View Details
Dept Of Veterans Affairs
20171,699avg: $34,620median: $33,864
Dept Of Veterans Affairs2017 1,699 $34,620$33,864View Details

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