Wisconsin Employers

Employers Number 573

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University of Wisconsin at Madison
202019,337avg: $67,119median: $56,796
University of Wisconsin at Madison2020 19,337 $67,119$56,796View Details
Department of Corrections
202010,910avg: $53,845median: $55,518
Department of Corrections2020 10,910 $53,845$55,518View Details
Department of Health Services
20207,822avg: $50,358median: $50,111
Department of Health Services2020 7,822 $50,358$50,111View Details
Milwaukee School District
20205,028avg: $65,020median: $64,130
Milwaukee School District2020 5,028 $65,020$64,130View Details
Department of Natural Resources
20204,386avg: $40,259median: $38,467
Department of Natural Resources2020 4,386 $40,259$38,467View Details
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
20203,995avg: $54,907median: $49,608
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee2020 3,995 $54,907$49,608View Details
Department of Transportation
20203,487avg: $61,386median: $62,322
Department of Transportation2020 3,487 $61,386$62,322View Details
Madison Metropolitan School District
20202,857avg: $61,136median: $59,854
Madison Metropolitan School District2020 2,857 $61,136$59,854View Details
Waukesha County
20202,233avg: $43,944median: $45,126
Waukesha County2020 2,233 $43,944$45,126View Details
Department of Workforce Development
20201,969avg: $46,152median: $47,095
Department of Workforce Development2020 1,969 $46,152$47,095View Details
Green Bay School District
20201,919avg: $59,535median: $58,453
Green Bay School District2020 1,919 $59,535$58,453View Details
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
20201,816avg: $32,691median: $8,821
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College2020 1,816 $32,691$8,821View Details
Kenosha School District
20201,766avg: $65,875median: $66,855
Kenosha School District2020 1,766 $65,875$66,855View Details
Department of Administration
20201,721avg: $58,229median: $63,433
Department of Administration2020 1,721 $58,229$63,433View Details
Racine Unified School District
20201,715avg: $62,652median: $62,223
Racine Unified School District2020 1,715 $62,652$62,223View Details
University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh
20201,649avg: $47,690median: $43,923
University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh2020 1,649 $47,690$43,923View Details
Department of Revenue
20201,353avg: $54,552median: $55,867
Department of Revenue2020 1,353 $54,552$55,867View Details
Department of Veterans Affairs
20201,349avg: $40,629median: $39,589
Department of Veterans Affairs2020 1,349 $40,629$39,589View Details
Appleton Area School District
20201,342avg: $59,121median: $57,800
Appleton Area School District2020 1,342 $59,121$57,800View Details
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater
20201,315avg: $60,621median: $56,811
University of Wisconsin at Whitewater2020 1,315 $60,621$56,811View Details

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