Wisconsin Employers

Employers Number 5399

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Office of State Treasurer
20201avg: $75,342median: $75,342
Office of State Treasurer2020 1 $75,342$75,342View Details
Village of Stockholm
20191avg: $11,573median: $11,573
Village of Stockholm2019 1 $11,573$11,573View Details
Town of Hallie
20191avg: $4,500median: $4,500
Town of Hallie2019 1 $4,500$4,500View Details
Town of West Marshland
20191avg: $60,067median: $60,067
Town of West Marshland2019 1 $60,067$60,067View Details
Town of Bear Lake
20191avg: $52,000median: $52,000
Town of Bear Lake2019 1 $52,000$52,000View Details
Town of Cloverland (Douglas)
20191avg: $56,115median: $56,115
Town of Cloverland (Douglas)2019 1 $56,115$56,115View Details
Town of Unity (Trempealeau)
20191avg: $61,772median: $61,772
Town of Unity (Trempealeau)2019 1 $61,772$61,772View Details
Town of Seif
20191avg: $9,147median: $9,147
Town of Seif2019 1 $9,147$9,147View Details
Waupaca School District
20171avg: $101,373median: $101,373
Waupaca School District2017 1 $101,373$101,373View Details
Village of Stockholm
20171avg: $10,908median: $10,908
Village of Stockholm2017 1 $10,908$10,908View Details
Unity School District
20171avg: $72,000median: $72,000
Unity School District2017 1 $72,000$72,000View Details
Village of Fenwood
20171avg: $27,574median: $27,574
Village of Fenwood2017 1 $27,574$27,574View Details
Whitnall School District
20171avg: $90,203median: $90,203
Whitnall School District2017 1 $90,203$90,203View Details
West Salem School District
20171avg: $80,667median: $80,667
West Salem School District2017 1 $80,667$80,667View Details
Town of Wyalusing - Grant
20171avg: $42,640median: $42,640
Town of Wyalusing - Grant2017 1 $42,640$42,640View Details
Village of Ridgeland
20171avg: $31,200median: $31,200
Village of Ridgeland2017 1 $31,200$31,200View Details
Village of Lynxville
20171avg: $9,600median: $9,600
Village of Lynxville2017 1 $9,600$9,600View Details
Walworth J1 School District
20171avg: $112,200median: $112,200
Walworth J1 School District2017 1 $112,200$112,200View Details
Wis Dept Of Corrections
20151avg: $92,640median: $92,640
Wis Dept Of Corrections2015 1 $92,640$92,640View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary