College Salaries

College Payrolls

College NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Grays Harbor College
WA2022employees: 475average:$29,276
Grays Harbor CollegeWA 475 $29,276View Salaries
Green River College
WA2022employees: 1558average:$35,221
Green River CollegeWA 1,558 $35,221View Salaries
Highline College
WA2022employees: 1587average:$27,941
Highline CollegeWA 1,587 $27,941View Salaries
Kilgore College
TX2022employees: 959average:$22,205
Kilgore CollegeTX 959 $22,205View Salaries
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
WA2022employees: 799average:$31,994
Lake Washington Institute of TechnologyWA 799 $31,994View Salaries
Lee College
TX2022employees: 830average:$38,975
Lee CollegeTX 830 $38,975View Salaries
Lower Columbia College
WA2022employees: 885average:$28,893
Lower Columbia CollegeWA 885 $28,893View Salaries
Middlesex County College
NJ2022employees: 314average:$49,143
Middlesex County CollegeNJ 314 $49,143View Salaries
Mountainland Technical College
UT2022employees: 568average:$22,288
Mountainland Technical CollegeUT 568 $22,288View Salaries
Navarro College
TX2022employees: 1007average:$2,972
Navarro CollegeTX 1,007 $2,972View Salaries
Northwest College
WY2022employees: 431average:$23,829
Northwest CollegeWY 431 $23,829View Salaries
Northwest Kansas Technical College
KS2022employees: 209average:$17,520
Northwest Kansas Technical CollegeKS 209 $17,520View Salaries
Ocean County College
NJ2022employees: 177average:$47,898
Ocean County CollegeNJ 177 $47,898View Salaries
Olympic College
WA2022employees: 1608average:$21,603
Olympic CollegeWA 1,608 $21,603View Salaries
Peninsula College
WA2022employees: 601average:$25,004
Peninsula CollegeWA 601 $25,004View Salaries
Pierce College District
WA2022employees: 1628average:$30,061
Pierce College DistrictWA 1,628 $30,061View Salaries
Pulaski Technical College
AR2022employees: 406average:$26,040
Pulaski Technical CollegeAR 406 $26,040View Salaries
Ramapo College of New Jersey
NJ2022employees: 245average:$69,065
Ramapo College of New JerseyNJ 245 $69,065View Salaries
Renton Technical College
WA2022employees: 580average:$40,595
Renton Technical CollegeWA 580 $40,595View Salaries
Seattle Colleges
WA2022employees: 3345average:$32,455
Seattle CollegesWA 3,345 $32,455View Salaries
Skagit Valley College
WA2022employees: 1283average:$25,647
Skagit Valley CollegeWA 1,283 $25,647View Salaries
State Technical College of Missouri
MO2022employees: 321average:$53,559
State Technical College of MissouriMO 321 $53,559View Salaries
The College of New Jersey
NJ2022employees: 418average:$62,602
The College of New JerseyNJ 418 $62,602View Salaries
Union County College
NJ2022employees: 151average:$46,321
Union County CollegeNJ 151 $46,321View Salaries
Vernon College
TX2022employees: 508average:$23,635
Vernon CollegeTX 508 $23,635View Salaries
Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
WA2022employees: 350average:$67,761
Washington State Board for Community and Technical CollegesWA 350 $67,761View Salaries
Wenatchee Valley College
WA2022employees: 668average:$32,851
Wenatchee Valley CollegeWA 668 $32,851View Salaries
Western Technical College
WI2022employees: 1090average:$31,813
Western Technical CollegeWI 1,090 $31,813View Salaries
Yakima Valley College
WA2022employees: 1278average:$21,959
Yakima Valley CollegeWA 1,278 $21,959View Salaries
College of the Albemarle
NC2022employees: 246average:$44,537
College of the AlbemarleNC 246 $44,537View Salaries
Gaston College
NC2022employees: 485average:$50,532
Gaston CollegeNC 485 $50,532View Salaries
Aiken Technical College
SC2023employees: 78average:$71,354
Aiken Technical CollegeSC 78 $71,354View Salaries
Black Hawk College
IL2023employees: 378average:$47,542
Black Hawk CollegeIL 378 $47,542View Salaries
Broward College
FL2023employees: 3017average:$35,789
Broward CollegeFL 3,017 $35,789View Salaries
Carl Albert State College
OK2023employees: 365average:$22,113
Carl Albert State CollegeOK 365 $22,113View Salaries
Carl Sandburg College
IL2023employees: 209average:$39,101
Carl Sandburg CollegeIL 209 $39,101View Salaries
Central Carolina Technical College
SC2023employees: 107average:$74,235
Central Carolina Technical CollegeSC 107 $74,235View Salaries
City Colleges of Chicago
IL2023employees: 3988average:$53,467
City Colleges of ChicagoIL 3,988 $53,467View Salaries
College of Central Florida
FL2023employees: 1358average:$19,583
College of Central FloridaFL 1,358 $19,583View Salaries
College of Dupage
IL2023employees: 2153average:$48,225
College of DupageIL 2,153 $48,225View Salaries
College of Lake County
IL2023employees: 1464average:$51,036
College of Lake CountyIL 1,464 $51,036View Salaries
Connors State College
OK2023employees: 347average:$13,994
Connors State CollegeOK 347 $13,994View Salaries
Denmark Technical College
SC2023employees: 46average:$70,136
Denmark Technical CollegeSC 46 $70,136View Salaries
Eastern Oklahoma State College
OK2023employees: 310average:$18,158
Eastern Oklahoma State CollegeOK 310 $18,158View Salaries
Florence-Darlington Technical College
SC2023employees: 133average:$72,764
Florence-Darlington Technical CollegeSC 133 $72,764View Salaries
Florida Gateway College
FL2023employees: 401average:$27,822
Florida Gateway CollegeFL 401 $27,822View Salaries
Florida SouthWestern State College
FL2023employees: 1315average:$27,747
Florida SouthWestern State CollegeFL 1,315 $27,747View Salaries
Florida State College at Jacksonville
FL2023employees: 2799average:$29,513
Florida State College at JacksonvilleFL 2,799 $29,513View Salaries
Greenville Technical College
SC2023employees: 386average:$72,480
Greenville Technical CollegeSC 386 $72,480View Salaries
Gulf Coast State College
FL2023employees: 767average:$27,456
Gulf Coast State CollegeFL 767 $27,456View Salaries
Horry-Georgetown Technical College
SC2023employees: 248average:$68,659
Horry-Georgetown Technical CollegeSC 248 $68,659View Salaries
Illinois Central College
IL2023employees: 885average:$43,075
Illinois Central CollegeIL 885 $43,075View Salaries
John A Logan College
IL2023employees: 368average:$49,016
John A Logan CollegeIL 368 $49,016View Salaries
Joliet Junior College
IL2023employees: 1010average:$59,487
Joliet Junior CollegeIL 1,010 $59,487View Salaries
Kaskaskia College
IL2023employees: 289average:$51,170
Kaskaskia CollegeIL 289 $51,170View Salaries
Keene State College
NH2023employees: 390average:$73,730
Keene State CollegeNH 390 $73,730View Salaries
Kishwaukee College
IL2023employees: 301average:$45,073
Kishwaukee CollegeIL 301 $45,073View Salaries
Lake Land College
IL2023employees: 481average:$47,865
Lake Land CollegeIL 481 $47,865View Salaries
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
MA2023employees: 1297average:$31,151
Massachusetts College of Art and DesignMA 1,297 $31,151View Salaries
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
MA2023employees: 633average:$35,313
Massachusetts College of Liberal ArtsMA 633 $35,313View Salaries