Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 1160

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town Of Union
201829avg: $11,973median: $4,479
Town Of Union2018 29 $11,973$4,479View Details
Town Of Vernon
2018202avg: $67,221median: $63,514
Town Of Vernon2018 202 $67,221$63,514View Details
Town Of Wallingford
2018436avg: $74,314median: $76,696
Town Of Wallingford2018 436 $74,314$76,696View Details
Town of Wallingford
2017446avg: $66,659median: $68,460
Town of Wallingford2017 446 $66,659$68,460View Details
Town Of Waterford
2018525avg: $31,037median: $7,002
Town Of Waterford2018 525 $31,037$7,002View Details
Town of Waterford
2017490avg: $31,481median: $8,877
Town of Waterford2017 490 $31,481$8,877View Details
Town of West Hartford
20184,264avg: $36,032median: $15,371
Town of West Hartford2018 4,264 $36,032$15,371View Details
Town of West Hartford
20173,775avg: $39,858median: $22,221
Town of West Hartford2017 3,775 $39,858$22,221View Details
Town Of Weston
201889avg: $62,201median: $62,061
Town Of Weston2018 89 $62,201$62,061View Details
Town of Weston
201782avg: $58,560median: $60,402
Town of Weston2017 82 $58,560$60,402View Details
Town Of Westport
2018808avg: $39,397median: $5,787
Town Of Westport2018 808 $39,397$5,787View Details
Town of Westport
2017957avg: $48,701median: $3,415
Town of Westport2017 957 $48,701$3,415View Details
Town of Winchester
2017152avg: $37,511median: $25,606
Town of Winchester2017 152 $37,511$25,606View Details
Town of Windsor
2017454avg: $35,861median: $14,772
Town of Windsor2017 454 $35,861$14,772View Details
Town Of Windsor Locks
2018274avg: $26,789median: $4,273
Town Of Windsor Locks2018 274 $26,789$4,273View Details
Town Of Woodbridge
2018375avg: $20,895median: $2,368
Town Of Woodbridge2018 375 $20,895$2,368View Details
Town of Woodbridge
2017382avg: $19,475median: $2,192
Town of Woodbridge2017 382 $19,475$2,192View Details
Town on Easton
2017184avg: $33,405median: $12,681
Town on Easton2017 184 $33,405$12,681View Details
Trailblazers Academy
201717avg: $52,369median: $52,624
Trailblazers Academy2017 17 $52,369$52,624View Details
Trailblazers Academy
201614avg: $46,374median: $35,433
Trailblazers Academy2016 14 $46,374$35,433View Details

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