Connecticut state employee salaries, CT salary lookup | 2018

We have 166,919 CT state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in CT is $63,759 and median salary is $65,654. Look up state of CT employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Bridgeport by school name or teacher name.

Connecticut Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Board Of Regents
201812,536avg: $43,667median: $24,776
Board Of Regents2018 12,536 $43,667$24,776View Details
University Of Connecticut
201810,116avg: $51,766median: $34,207
University Of Connecticut2018 10,116 $51,766$34,207View Details
Uconn Health Center
20185,985avg: $74,394median: $60,893
Uconn Health Center2018 5,985 $74,394$60,893View Details
Department Of Correction
20185,674avg: $70,931median: $70,540
Department Of Correction2018 5,674 $70,931$70,540View Details
City of Bridgeport
20185,595avg: $51,725median: $48,982
City of Bridgeport2018 5,595 $51,725$48,982View Details
City Of Stamford
20185,005avg: $62,828median: $62,899
City Of Stamford2018 5,005 $62,828$62,899View Details
Judicial Department
20184,498avg: $68,661median: $64,381
Judicial Department2018 4,498 $68,661$64,381View Details
Town of West Hartford
20184,264avg: $36,032median: $15,371
Town of West Hartford2018 4,264 $36,032$15,371View Details
City Of Norwalk
20183,824avg: $52,601median: $38,003
City Of Norwalk2018 3,824 $52,601$38,003View Details
Town Of Norwalk
20183,824avg: $52,601median: $38,003
Town Of Norwalk2018 3,824 $52,601$38,003View Details
Department Of Children And Families
20183,682avg: $72,560median: $79,627
Department Of Children And Families2018 3,682 $72,560$79,627View Details
Department Of Mental Health And Addiction Services
20183,614avg: $81,234median: $77,577
Department Of Mental Health And Addiction Services2018 3,614 $81,234$77,577View Details
Department Of Transportation
20183,151avg: $75,040median: $73,185
Department Of Transportation2018 3,151 $75,040$73,185View Details
Department Of Developmental Services
20183,038avg: $65,953median: $66,935
Department Of Developmental Services2018 3,038 $65,953$66,935View Details
State Department Of Education
20182,578avg: $59,097median: $63,795
State Department Of Education2018 2,578 $59,097$63,795View Details
New Haven Bd Of Ed
20182,044avg: $70,483median: $66,803
New Haven Bd Of Ed2018 2,044 $70,483$66,803View Details
City Of Hartford
20182,005avg: $53,772median: $49,502
City Of Hartford2018 2,005 $53,772$49,502View Details
Department Of Social Services
20181,825avg: $62,405median: $64,351
Department Of Social Services2018 1,825 $62,405$64,351View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20181,780avg: $90,203median: $89,086
Department Of Public Safety2018 1,780 $90,203$89,086View Details
Department Of Environmental Protection
20181,739avg: $43,874median: $31,476
Department Of Environmental Protection2018 1,739 $43,874$31,476View Details