Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 367

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
2018276avg: $80,959median: $84,825
Aces2018 276 $80,959$84,825View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201844avg: $48,913median: $51,398
Af Bridgeport Academy2018 44 $48,913$51,398View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201869avg: $57,623median: $61,637
Af Hartford Academy2018 69 $57,623$61,637View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2018162avg: $49,814median: $43,414
Agricultural Experiment Station2018 162 $49,814$43,414View Details
Amistad Academy
201879avg: $51,625median: $51,305
Amistad Academy2018 79 $51,625$51,305View Details
Andover Bd Of Ed
201826avg: $71,415median: $77,332
Andover Bd Of Ed2018 26 $71,415$77,332View Details
Ansonia Bd Of Ed
2018179avg: $70,526median: $68,833
Ansonia Bd Of Ed2018 179 $70,526$68,833View Details
Ashford Bd Of Ed
201846avg: $64,931median: $62,109
Ashford Bd Of Ed2018 46 $64,931$62,109View Details
Asnuntuck Ctc
20185avg: $64,819median: $87,109
Asnuntuck Ctc2018 5 $64,819$87,109View Details
Attorney General
2018313avg: $99,592median: $99,233
Attorney General2018 313 $99,592$99,233View Details
Auditors Of Public Accounts
2018122avg: $82,345median: $82,868
Auditors Of Public Accounts2018 122 $82,345$82,868View Details
Avon Bd Of Ed
2018305avg: $93,745median: $94,563
Avon Bd Of Ed2018 305 $93,745$94,563View Details
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed
201822avg: $71,822median: $73,937
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed2018 22 $71,822$73,937View Details
Berlin Bd Of Ed
2018290avg: $76,510median: $81,021
Berlin Bd Of Ed2018 290 $76,510$81,021View Details
Bethany Bd Of Ed
201847avg: $68,678median: $65,778
Bethany Bd Of Ed2018 47 $68,678$65,778View Details
Bethel Bd Of Ed
2018286avg: $78,206median: $74,381
Bethel Bd Of Ed2018 286 $78,206$74,381View Details
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed
2018224avg: $77,142median: $75,059
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed2018 224 $77,142$75,059View Details
Board Of Regents
201812,536avg: $45,038median: $26,732
Board Of Regents2018 12,536 $45,038$26,732View Details
Bolton Bd Of Ed
201892avg: $74,984median: $79,614
Bolton Bd Of Ed2018 92 $74,984$79,614View Details
Borough Of Jewett City
20189avg: $4,571median: $3,605
Borough Of Jewett City2018 9 $4,571$3,605View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary