Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 70

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
African-american Affairs Commission
20154avg: $65,400median: $63,276
African-american Affairs Commission2015 4 $65,400$63,276View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2015204avg: $45,133median: $34,944
Agricultural Experiment Station2015 204 $45,133$34,944View Details
Asian Pacific American Commission
20152avg: $86,158median: $86,158
Asian Pacific American Commission2015 2 $86,158$86,158View Details
Attorney General
2015381avg: $89,622median: $96,127
Attorney General2015 381 $89,622$96,127View Details
Auditors Of Public Accounts
2015153avg: $72,665median: $69,492
Auditors Of Public Accounts2015 153 $72,665$69,492View Details
Board Of Regents
201518,416avg: $32,721median: $15,840
Board Of Regents2015 18,416 $32,721$15,840View Details
Capital Region Dev Authority
201511avg: $100,298median: $95,577
Capital Region Dev Authority2015 11 $100,298$95,577View Details
Clean Energy Finance And Investment Authority
201572avg: $57,342median: $48,940
Clean Energy Finance And Investment Authority2015 72 $57,342$48,940View Details
Commission On Aging
20155avg: $65,291median: $58,797
Commission On Aging2015 5 $65,291$58,797View Details
Commission On Children
20159avg: $69,681median: $80,494
Commission On Children2015 9 $69,681$80,494View Details
Commission On Human Rights & Opportunities
201585avg: $68,671median: $72,602
Commission On Human Rights & Opportunities2015 85 $68,671$72,602View Details
Connecticut Airport Authority
2015185avg: $72,444median: $75,939
Connecticut Airport Authority2015 185 $72,444$75,939View Details
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
2015206avg: $60,123median: $55,970
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority2015 206 $60,123$55,970View Details
Connecticut Innovations Incorporated
201586avg: $77,863median: $76,098
Connecticut Innovations Incorporated2015 86 $77,863$76,098View Details
Connecticut Lottery Corporation
2015168avg: $58,694median: $54,933
Connecticut Lottery Corporation2015 168 $58,694$54,933View Details
Connecticut Siting Council
201511avg: $60,096median: $74,635
Connecticut Siting Council2015 11 $60,096$74,635View Details
Connecticut State Library
2015118avg: $54,004median: $55,437
Connecticut State Library2015 118 $54,004$55,437View Details
Department Of Administrative Services
2015809avg: $70,415median: $73,510
Department Of Administrative Services2015 809 $70,415$73,510View Details
Department Of Agriculture
201577avg: $62,571median: $65,298
Department Of Agriculture2015 77 $62,571$65,298View Details
Department Of Banking
2015135avg: $76,264median: $77,919
Department Of Banking2015 135 $76,264$77,919View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary