Connecticut state employee salaries, CT salary lookup | 2015

We have 88,606 CT state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in CT is $52,337 and median salary is $51,433. Look up state of CT employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Bridgeport by school name or teacher name.

Connecticut Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Board Of Regents
201518,416avg: $30,765median: $14,256
Board Of Regents2015 18,416 $30,765$14,256View Details
University Of Connecticut
201510,337avg: $44,740median: $29,479
University Of Connecticut2015 10,337 $44,740$29,479View Details
Department Of Correction
20157,605avg: $59,805median: $64,341
Department Of Correction2015 7,605 $59,805$64,341View Details
Uconn Health Center
20156,376avg: $66,759median: $55,447
Uconn Health Center2015 6,376 $66,759$55,447View Details
Judicial Department
20155,259avg: $65,862median: $62,106
Judicial Department2015 5,259 $65,862$62,106View Details
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services
20154,358avg: $69,735median: $69,860
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services2015 4,358 $69,735$69,860View Details
Department Of Developmental Services
20154,290avg: $58,585median: $62,163
Department Of Developmental Services2015 4,290 $58,585$62,163View Details
Department Of Children And Families
20154,179avg: $66,005median: $73,111
Department Of Children And Families2015 4,179 $66,005$73,111View Details
State Department Of Education
20154,000avg: $41,211median: $26,270
State Department Of Education2015 4,000 $41,211$26,270View Details
Department Of Transportation
20153,718avg: $66,181median: $69,134
Department Of Transportation2015 3,718 $66,181$69,134View Details
Department Of Social Services
20152,610avg: $51,173median: $55,327
Department Of Social Services2015 2,610 $51,173$55,327View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20152,373avg: $69,755median: $68,419
Department Of Public Safety2015 2,373 $69,755$68,419View Details
Department Of Environmental Protection
20152,178avg: $39,364median: $13,840
Department Of Environmental Protection2015 2,178 $39,364$13,840View Details
Department Of Labor
20151,078avg: $59,670median: $61,479
Department Of Labor2015 1,078 $59,670$61,479View Details
Department Of Motor Vehicles
20151,034avg: $46,760median: $51,304
Department Of Motor Vehicles2015 1,034 $46,760$51,304View Details
Department Of Public Health
2015938avg: $58,092median: $60,600
Department Of Public Health2015 938 $58,092$60,600View Details
Department Of Revenue Services
2015917avg: $63,392median: $70,320
Department Of Revenue Services2015 917 $63,392$70,320View Details
Legislative Management
2015915avg: $47,330median: $39,198
Legislative Management2015 915 $47,330$39,198View Details
Division Of Criminal Justice
2015833avg: $60,291median: $55,023
Division Of Criminal Justice2015 833 $60,291$55,023View Details
Department Of Administrative Services
2015809avg: $70,243median: $73,392
Department Of Administrative Services2015 809 $70,243$73,392View Details