Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 366

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of Connecticut
201729,946avg: $17,875median: $5,475
University Of Connecticut2017 29,946 $17,875$5,475View Details
Board Of Regents
201717,479avg: $32,325median: $15,638
Board Of Regents2017 17,479 $32,325$15,638View Details
Uconn Health Center
20176,328avg: $70,956median: $58,535
Uconn Health Center2017 6,328 $70,956$58,535View Details
Department Of Correction
20175,963avg: $68,306median: $68,433
Department Of Correction2017 5,963 $68,306$68,433View Details
City of Bridgeport
20175,823avg: $50,296median: $46,938
City of Bridgeport2017 5,823 $50,296$46,938View Details
Judicial Department
20174,726avg: $69,467median: $66,362
Judicial Department2017 4,726 $69,467$66,362View Details
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services
20173,791avg: $79,061median: $75,588
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services2017 3,791 $79,061$75,588View Details
Town of Norwalk
20173,783avg: $51,223median: $36,793
Town of Norwalk2017 3,783 $51,223$36,793View Details
Department Of Children And Families
20173,777avg: $71,836median: $79,532
Department Of Children And Families2017 3,777 $71,836$79,532View Details
Town of West Hartford
20173,775avg: $39,858median: $22,221
Town of West Hartford2017 3,775 $39,858$22,221View Details
City of Norwalk
20173,689avg: $52,528median: $40,024
City of Norwalk2017 3,689 $52,528$40,024View Details
Department Of Transportation
20173,605avg: $69,103median: $68,327
Department Of Transportation2017 3,605 $69,103$68,327View Details
City of Stamford
20173,499avg: $76,845median: $78,834
City of Stamford2017 3,499 $76,845$78,834View Details
Department Of Developmental Services
20173,395avg: $63,397median: $65,974
Department Of Developmental Services2017 3,395 $63,397$65,974View Details
State Department Of Education
20173,278avg: $49,311median: $46,323
State Department Of Education2017 3,278 $49,311$46,323View Details
New Haven Bd Of Ed
20172,161avg: $68,001median: $67,079
New Haven Bd Of Ed2017 2,161 $68,001$67,079View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20171,919avg: $84,590median: $82,577
Department Of Public Safety2017 1,919 $84,590$82,577View Details
Department Of Social Services
20171,909avg: $62,598median: $64,040
Department Of Social Services2017 1,909 $62,598$64,040View Details
Department Of Environmental Protection
20171,848avg: $43,955median: $32,860
Department Of Environmental Protection2017 1,848 $43,955$32,860View Details
Hartford Bd Of Ed
20171,828avg: $74,827median: $79,993
Hartford Bd Of Ed2017 1,828 $74,827$79,993View Details

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