Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 366

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
2017278avg: $76,611median: $77,812
Aces2017 278 $76,611$77,812View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201751avg: $32,171median: $35,911
Af Bridgeport Academy2017 51 $32,171$35,911View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201781avg: $41,246median: $43,546
Af Hartford Academy2017 81 $41,246$43,546View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2017159avg: $54,768median: $49,561
Agricultural Experiment Station2017 159 $54,768$49,561View Details
Amistad Academy
2017104avg: $34,890median: $30,245
Amistad Academy2017 104 $34,890$30,245View Details
Andover Bd Of Ed
201725avg: $73,378median: $76,759
Andover Bd Of Ed2017 25 $73,378$76,759View Details
Ansonia Bd Of Ed
2017197avg: $64,614median: $61,147
Ansonia Bd Of Ed2017 197 $64,614$61,147View Details
Ashford Bd Of Ed
201749avg: $61,513median: $58,161
Ashford Bd Of Ed2017 49 $61,513$58,161View Details
Asnuntuck Ctc
20177avg: $56,610median: $58,287
Asnuntuck Ctc2017 7 $56,610$58,287View Details
Attorney General
2017335avg: $97,222median: $99,233
Attorney General2017 335 $97,222$99,233View Details
Auditors Of Public Accounts
2017139avg: $73,588median: $66,863
Auditors Of Public Accounts2017 139 $73,588$66,863View Details
Avon Bd Of Ed
2017302avg: $89,313median: $92,722
Avon Bd Of Ed2017 302 $89,313$92,722View Details
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed
201723avg: $68,776median: $70,103
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed2017 23 $68,776$70,103View Details
Berlin Bd Of Ed
2017295avg: $72,707median: $77,367
Berlin Bd Of Ed2017 295 $72,707$77,367View Details
Bethany Bd Of Ed
201747avg: $65,962median: $64,180
Bethany Bd Of Ed2017 47 $65,962$64,180View Details
Bethel Bd Of Ed
2017290avg: $72,358median: $68,524
Bethel Bd Of Ed2017 290 $72,358$68,524View Details
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed
2017227avg: $71,253median: $71,201
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed2017 227 $71,253$71,201View Details
Board Of Regents
201717,479avg: $34,121median: $17,910
Board Of Regents2017 17,479 $34,121$17,910View Details
Bolton Bd Of Ed
201791avg: $73,310median: $78,899
Bolton Bd Of Ed2017 91 $73,310$78,899View Details
Borough of Jewett City
20179avg: $4,571median: $3,605
Borough of Jewett City2017 9 $4,571$3,605View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary