Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 63

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Auditors of Public Accounts
201950avg: $60,361median: $57,301
Auditors of Public Accounts2019 50 $60,361$57,301View Details
Capital Region Development Authority
20196avg: $73,367median: $75,275
Capital Region Development Authority2019 6 $73,367$75,275View Details
Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities
201916avg: $55,246median: $57,965
Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities2019 16 $55,246$57,965View Details
Commission on Women, Children and Seniors
20191avg: $55,345median: $55,345
Commission on Women, Children and Seniors2019 1 $55,345$55,345View Details
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
201929avg: $62,524median: $58,437
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station2019 29 $62,524$58,437View Details
Connecticut Airport Authority
201944avg: $64,160median: $57,535
Connecticut Airport Authority2019 44 $64,160$57,535View Details
Connecticut Board of Regents
201911avg: $87,485median: $79,325
Connecticut Board of Regents2019 11 $87,485$79,325View Details
Connecticut Department of Agriculture
20198avg: $55,990median: $55,421
Connecticut Department of Agriculture2019 8 $55,990$55,421View Details
Connecticut Department of Labor
2019187avg: $51,113median: $50,910
Connecticut Department of Labor2019 187 $51,113$50,910View Details
Connecticut Department of Transportation
2019698avg: $53,856median: $52,895
Connecticut Department of Transportation2019 698 $53,856$52,895View Details
Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission
20199avg: $57,299median: $54,567
Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission2019 9 $57,299$54,567View Details
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
201958avg: $65,008median: $60,199
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority2019 58 $65,008$60,199View Details
Connecticut Innovations Incorporated
201929avg: $74,809median: $68,058
Connecticut Innovations Incorporated2019 29 $74,809$68,058View Details
Connecticut Lottery Corporation
201933avg: $56,870median: $56,958
Connecticut Lottery Corporation2019 33 $56,870$56,958View Details
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood
201930avg: $52,839median: $51,442
Connecticut Office of Early Childhood2019 30 $52,839$51,442View Details
Connecticut Office of Higher Education
20195avg: $57,215median: $59,137
Connecticut Office of Higher Education2019 5 $57,215$59,137View Details
Connecticut Port Authority
20191avg: $74,713median: $74,713
Connecticut Port Authority2019 1 $74,713$74,713View Details
Connecticut Siting Council
20193avg: $48,506median: $48,627
Connecticut Siting Council2019 3 $48,506$48,627View Details
Connecticut State Department of Administrative Services
2019215avg: $53,313median: $51,229
Connecticut State Department of Administrative Services2019 215 $53,313$51,229View Details
Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection
201952avg: $52,851median: $51,916
Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection2019 52 $52,851$51,916View Details

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Average Salary