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Employers Number 294

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
*service Purchase
20161avg: $101,027median: $101,027
*service Purchase2016 1 $101,027$101,027View Details
2016270avg: $76,382median: $79,988
Aces2016 270 $76,382$79,988View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201632avg: $40,463median: $46,831
Af Bridgeport Academy2016 32 $40,463$46,831View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201661avg: $45,954median: $47,124
Af Hartford Academy2016 61 $45,954$47,124View Details
African-american Affairs Commission
20163avg: $98,951median: $77,606
African-american Affairs Commission2016 3 $98,951$77,606View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2016183avg: $45,318median: $37,462
Agricultural Experiment Station2016 183 $45,318$37,462View Details
Amistad Academy
201670avg: $47,855median: $44,443
Amistad Academy2016 70 $47,855$44,443View Details
Andover Bd Of Ed
201625avg: $70,677median: $75,578
Andover Bd Of Ed2016 25 $70,677$75,578View Details
Ansonia Bd Of Ed
2016186avg: $61,943median: $59,057
Ansonia Bd Of Ed2016 186 $61,943$59,057View Details
Ashford Bd Of Ed
201647avg: $57,838median: $57,587
Ashford Bd Of Ed2016 47 $57,838$57,587View Details
Asian Pacific American Commission
20162avg: $96,294median: $96,294
Asian Pacific American Commission2016 2 $96,294$96,294View Details
Asnuntuck Ctc
20167avg: $75,444median: $75,815
Asnuntuck Ctc2016 7 $75,444$75,815View Details
Attorney General
2016341avg: $97,931median: $99,283
Attorney General2016 341 $97,931$99,283View Details
Auditors Of Public Accounts
2016134avg: $81,414median: $74,354
Auditors Of Public Accounts2016 134 $81,414$74,354View Details
Avon Bd Of Ed
2016293avg: $87,456median: $90,682
Avon Bd Of Ed2016 293 $87,456$90,682View Details
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed
201624avg: $63,500median: $68,210
Barkhamsted Bd Of Ed2016 24 $63,500$68,210View Details
Berlin Bd Of Ed
2016279avg: $73,214median: $76,269
Berlin Bd Of Ed2016 279 $73,214$76,269View Details
Bethany Bd Of Ed
201647avg: $64,795median: $62,138
Bethany Bd Of Ed2016 47 $64,795$62,138View Details
Bethel Bd Of Ed
2016285avg: $71,942median: $68,807
Bethel Bd Of Ed2016 285 $71,942$68,807View Details
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed
2016218avg: $72,527median: $72,468
Bloomfield Bd Of Ed2016 218 $72,527$72,468View Details

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