Connecticut state employee salaries, CT salary lookup | 2016

We have 132,544 CT state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in CT is $63,736 and median salary is $65,324. Look up state of CT employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Bridgeport by school name or teacher name.

Connecticut Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Board Of Regents
201617,963avg: $32,073median: $14,967
Board Of Regents2016 17,963 $32,073$14,967View Details
University Of Connecticut
20169,974avg: $47,716median: $33,422
University Of Connecticut2016 9,974 $47,716$33,422View Details
Department Of Correction
20166,824avg: $64,984median: $66,557
Department Of Correction2016 6,824 $64,984$66,557View Details
Uconn Health Center
20166,316avg: $70,525median: $57,973
Uconn Health Center2016 6,316 $70,525$57,973View Details
Judicial Department
20164,989avg: $70,514median: $66,493
Judicial Department2016 4,989 $70,514$66,493View Details
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services
20163,968avg: $79,230median: $75,452
Department Of Mental Heath And Addiction Services2016 3,968 $79,230$75,452View Details
Department Of Children And Families
20163,851avg: $72,154median: $79,340
Department Of Children And Families2016 3,851 $72,154$79,340View Details
Department Of Developmental Services
20163,696avg: $65,816median: $66,945
Department Of Developmental Services2016 3,696 $65,816$66,945View Details
Department Of Transportation
20163,668avg: $67,741median: $67,107
Department Of Transportation2016 3,668 $67,741$67,107View Details
State Department Of Education
20163,293avg: $51,700median: $51,950
State Department Of Education2016 3,293 $51,700$51,950View Details
Department Of Social Services
20162,163avg: $61,785median: $63,378
Department Of Social Services2016 2,163 $61,785$63,378View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20162,055avg: $81,607median: $80,369
Department Of Public Safety2016 2,055 $81,607$80,369View Details
Department Of Environmental Protection
20162,030avg: $42,356median: $17,938
Department Of Environmental Protection2016 2,030 $42,356$17,938View Details
New Haven Bd Of Ed
20162,002avg: $66,777median: $64,472
New Haven Bd Of Ed2016 2,002 $66,777$64,472View Details
Hartford Bd Of Ed
20161,695avg: $76,806median: $80,299
Hartford Bd Of Ed2016 1,695 $76,806$80,299View Details
Waterbury Bd Of Ed
20161,650avg: $65,411median: $62,286
Waterbury Bd Of Ed2016 1,650 $65,411$62,286View Details
Bridgeport Bd Of Ed
20161,600avg: $69,057median: $67,893
Bridgeport Bd Of Ed2016 1,600 $69,057$67,893View Details
Stamford Bd Of Ed
20161,520avg: $82,514median: $84,157
Stamford Bd Of Ed2016 1,520 $82,514$84,157View Details
Department Of Motor Vehicles
20161,032avg: $50,464median: $53,355
Department Of Motor Vehicles2016 1,032 $50,464$53,355View Details
Fairfield Bd Of Ed
20161,004avg: $77,870median: $79,217
Fairfield Bd Of Ed2016 1,004 $77,870$79,217View Details