Connecticut Employers

Employers Number 1496

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Borough of Woodmont
20195avg: $1,910median: $1,000
Borough of Woodmont2019 5 $1,910$1,000View Details
Commission on Equity and Opportunity
20195avg: $30,865median: $29,886
Commission on Equity and Opportunity2019 5 $30,865$29,886View Details
Connecticut Port Authority
20195avg: $44,548median: $29,579
Connecticut Port Authority2019 5 $44,548$29,579View Details
Northwestern CTC
20195avg: $91,469median: $99,212
Northwestern CTC2019 5 $91,469$99,212View Details
Childrens Center Community Program
20195avg: $53,913median: $53,280
Childrens Center Community Program2019 5 $53,913$53,280View Details
Permanent Commission On The Status Of Women
20165avg: $93,760median: $90,383
Permanent Commission On The Status Of Women2016 5 $93,760$90,383View Details
Stamford Ch Sch Ex
20165avg: $39,370median: $30,264
Stamford Ch Sch Ex2016 5 $39,370$30,264View Details
Commission On Aging
20155avg: $65,291median: $58,797
Commission On Aging2015 5 $65,291$58,797View Details
Borough of Stonington
20194avg: $14,842median: $15,337
Borough of Stonington2019 4 $14,842$15,337View Details
Trailblazers Academy
20194avg: $71,626median: $61,294
Trailblazers Academy2019 4 $71,626$61,294View Details
Borough Of Stonington
20184avg: $44,060median: $47,097
Borough Of Stonington2018 4 $44,060$47,097View Details
Path Academy
20184avg: $80,443median: $68,624
Path Academy2018 4 $80,443$68,624View Details
Project Oceanology
20174avg: $22,428median: $23,095
Project Oceanology2017 4 $22,428$23,095View Details
Commission On Aging
20164avg: $106,630median: $84,579
Commission On Aging2016 4 $106,630$84,579View Details
Project Oceanology
20164avg: $32,324median: $33,554
Project Oceanology2016 4 $32,324$33,554View Details
Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission
20164avg: $94,092median: $98,474
Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission2016 4 $94,092$98,474View Details
African-american Affairs Commission
20154avg: $65,400median: $63,276
African-american Affairs Commission2015 4 $65,400$63,276View Details
Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission
20154avg: $90,314median: $93,778
Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission2015 4 $90,314$93,778View Details
Cci Cheshire
20183avg: $63,953median: $54,511
Cci Cheshire2018 3 $63,953$54,511View Details
African-american Affairs Commission
20163avg: $98,951median: $77,606
African-american Affairs Commission2016 3 $98,951$77,606View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary