New York Employers

Employers Number 2262

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2012239,855avg: $37,091median: $26,620
Education Admin, Department of2012 239,855 $37,091$26,620View Details
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
201268,719avg: $75,111median: $74,886
Metropolitan Transportation Authority2012 68,719 $75,111$74,886View Details
201264,326avg: $51,006median: $44,262
SUNY2012 64,326 $51,006$44,262View Details
Municipal Authorities
201263,291avg: $56,993median: $48,404
Municipal Authorities2012 63,291 $56,993$48,404View Details
Police Department
201254,932avg: $79,106median: $78,592
Police Department2012 54,932 $79,106$78,592View Details
201239,324avg: $31,879median: $13,616
CUNY2012 39,324 $31,879$13,616View Details
Department of Corrections
201235,222avg: $64,471median: $71,835
Department of Corrections2012 35,222 $64,471$71,835View Details
Election Poll Workers, Board of
201232,153avg: $598median: $575
Election Poll Workers, Board of2012 32,153 $598$575View Details
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
201226,380avg: $44,212median: $45,573
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities2012 26,380 $44,212$45,573View Details
201217,320avg: $83,070median: $77,480
Judicial2012 17,320 $83,070$77,480View Details
Fire Department
201216,379avg: $92,165median: $101,991
Fire Department2012 16,379 $92,165$101,991View Details
Mental Health
201216,269avg: $59,314median: $55,717
Mental Health2012 16,269 $59,314$55,717View Details
HRA/Dept of Social Services
201215,199avg: $47,258median: $45,477
HRA/Dept of Social Services2012 15,199 $47,258$45,477View Details
Housing Authority
201213,582avg: $51,052median: $50,806
Housing Authority2012 13,582 $51,052$50,806View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
201212,286avg: $21,768median: $8,906
Parks & Recreation, Department of2012 12,286 $21,768$8,906View Details
201211,341avg: $80,916median: $68,074
Suffolk2012 11,341 $80,916$68,074View Details
Corrections, Department of
201210,838avg: $85,277median: $92,666
Corrections, Department of2012 10,838 $85,277$92,666View Details
Department of Transportation
20129,801avg: $52,377median: $50,669
Department of Transportation2012 9,801 $52,377$50,669View Details
Sanitation, Department of
20129,708avg: $77,894median: $85,890
Sanitation, Department of2012 9,708 $77,894$85,890View Details
20129,220avg: $89,883median: $81,171
Nassau2012 9,220 $89,883$81,171View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary