New York Employers

Employers Number 2260

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2019308,469avg: $41,870median: $22,937
Education Admin, Department of2019 308,469 $41,870$22,937View Details
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
201980,126avg: $89,139median: $88,210
Metropolitan Transportation Authority2019 80,126 $89,139$88,210View Details
201971,258avg: $55,819median: $49,681
SUNY2019 71,258 $55,819$49,681View Details
Police Department
201960,257avg: $86,296median: $76,584
Police Department2019 60,257 $86,296$76,584View Details
Municipal Authorities
201954,635avg: $63,999median: $55,440
Municipal Authorities2019 54,635 $63,999$55,440View Details
201948,167avg: $32,344median: $12,160
CUNY2019 48,167 $32,344$12,160View Details
Election Poll Workers, Board of
201936,990avg: $852median: $828
Election Poll Workers, Board of2019 36,990 $852$828View Details
Department of Corrections
201934,627avg: $70,480median: $75,543
Department of Corrections2019 34,627 $70,480$75,543View Details
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
201924,370avg: $48,618median: $50,487
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities2019 24,370 $48,618$50,487View Details
201919,007avg: $89,434median: $86,247
Judicial2019 19,007 $89,434$86,247View Details
Fire Department
201918,679avg: $95,572median: $96,079
Fire Department2019 18,679 $95,572$96,079View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
201916,985avg: $25,268median: $10,830
Parks & Recreation, Department of2019 16,985 $25,268$10,830View Details
Mental Health
201915,350avg: $68,627median: $63,596
Mental Health2019 15,350 $68,627$63,596View Details
Hra/Dept Of Social Services
201914,423avg: $56,660median: $54,346
Hra/Dept Of Social Services2019 14,423 $56,660$54,346View Details
Corrections, Department of
201914,017avg: $81,906median: $74,205
Corrections, Department of2019 14,017 $81,906$74,205View Details
Housing Authority
201913,065avg: $58,949median: $56,067
Housing Authority2019 13,065 $58,949$56,067View Details
Sanitation, Department of
201912,185avg: $81,217median: $91,432
Sanitation, Department of2019 12,185 $81,217$91,432View Details
201911,024avg: $90,661median: $72,495
Suffolk2019 11,024 $90,661$72,495View Details
201910,199avg: $44,429median: $43,127
Libraries2019 10,199 $44,429$43,127View Details
Department of Transportation
201910,027avg: $57,646median: $57,170
Department of Transportation2019 10,027 $57,646$57,170View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary