New York Employers

Employers Number 964

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2008273,889avg: $32,124median: $20,983
Education Admin, Department of2008 273,889 $32,124$20,983View Details
2008107,453avg: $27,541median: $9,287
SUNY2008 107,453 $27,541$9,287View Details
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
200875,326avg: $67,924median: $66,847
Metropolitan Transportation Authority2008 75,326 $67,924$66,847View Details
Police Department
200859,350avg: $61,420median: $55,474
Police Department2008 59,350 $61,420$55,474View Details
200843,552avg: $26,155median: $9,837
CUNY2008 43,552 $26,155$9,837View Details
Department of Corrections
200835,455avg: $55,283median: $58,914
Department of Corrections2008 35,455 $55,283$58,914View Details
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
200831,400avg: $39,799median: $41,812
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities2008 31,400 $39,799$41,812View Details
Mental Health
200822,122avg: $52,784median: $48,675
Mental Health2008 22,122 $52,784$48,675View Details
200820,264avg: $72,862median: $70,990
Judicial2008 20,264 $72,862$70,990View Details
Fire Department
200817,758avg: $73,326median: $75,018
Fire Department2008 17,758 $73,326$75,018View Details
Municipal Authorities
200817,631avg: $57,365median: $47,573
Municipal Authorities2008 17,631 $57,365$47,573View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
200817,416avg: $15,674median: $6,779
Parks & Recreation, Department of2008 17,416 $15,674$6,779View Details
Hra/Dept Of Social Services
200815,739avg: $43,760median: $42,514
Hra/Dept Of Social Services2008 15,739 $43,760$42,514View Details
Housing Authority
200814,884avg: $44,802median: $45,007
Housing Authority2008 14,884 $44,802$45,007View Details
Department of Transportation
200811,940avg: $47,967median: $47,075
Department of Transportation2008 11,940 $47,967$47,075View Details
Corrections, Department of
200811,541avg: $71,157median: $78,429
Corrections, Department of2008 11,541 $71,157$78,429View Details
Sanitation, Department of
200811,039avg: $62,315median: $69,914
Sanitation, Department of2008 11,039 $62,315$69,914View Details
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
20089,782avg: $15,828median: $5,192
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation2008 9,782 $15,828$5,192View Details
The Research Foundation for SUNY
20089,006avg: $27,514median: $22,877
The Research Foundation for SUNY2008 9,006 $27,514$22,877View Details
Children's SVCS, Admin for
20088,216avg: $48,171median: $48,778
Children's SVCS, Admin for2008 8,216 $48,171$48,778View Details

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