New York Employers

Employers Number 2265

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2011250,415avg: $36,418median: $25,538
Education Admin, Department of2011 250,415 $36,418$25,538View Details
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
201171,796avg: $68,810median: $70,408
Metropolitan Transportation Authority2011 71,796 $68,810$70,408View Details
Municipal Authorities
201164,176avg: $57,620median: $48,539
Municipal Authorities2011 64,176 $57,620$48,539View Details
201163,134avg: $50,013median: $43,689
SUNY2011 63,134 $50,013$43,689View Details
Police Department
201154,613avg: $79,051median: $77,264
Police Department2011 54,613 $79,051$77,264View Details
201138,054avg: $31,481median: $13,247
CUNY2011 38,054 $31,481$13,247View Details
Election Poll Workers, Board of
201136,196avg: $555median: $600
Election Poll Workers, Board of2011 36,196 $555$600View Details
Department of Corrections
201133,706avg: $60,461median: $62,843
Department of Corrections2011 33,706 $60,461$62,843View Details
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
201127,007avg: $44,536median: $45,380
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities2011 27,007 $44,536$45,380View Details
201118,274avg: $80,851median: $75,571
Judicial2011 18,274 $80,851$75,571View Details
Fire Department
201117,206avg: $87,629median: $96,366
Fire Department2011 17,206 $87,629$96,366View Details
Mental Health
201116,674avg: $60,235median: $56,441
Mental Health2011 16,674 $60,235$56,441View Details
HRA/Dept of Social Services
201115,277avg: $47,549median: $45,436
HRA/Dept of Social Services2011 15,277 $47,549$45,436View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
201114,542avg: $19,957median: $8,628
Parks & Recreation, Department of2011 14,542 $19,957$8,628View Details
Sanitation, Department of
201114,407avg: $56,477median: $64,772
Sanitation, Department of2011 14,407 $56,477$64,772View Details
Housing Authority
201113,750avg: $54,697median: $54,208
Housing Authority2011 13,750 $54,697$54,208View Details
201111,487avg: $81,069median: $66,383
Suffolk2011 11,487 $81,069$66,383View Details
Corrections, Department of
201110,839avg: $82,853median: $88,941
Corrections, Department of2011 10,839 $82,853$88,941View Details
Department of Transportation
201110,150avg: $53,970median: $52,767
Department of Transportation2011 10,150 $53,970$52,767View Details
20119,800avg: $84,404median: $74,472
Nassau2011 9,800 $84,404$74,472View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary