New York Employers

Employers Number 2269

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Education Admin, Department of
2014255,118avg: $36,492median: $25,109
Education Admin, Department of2014 255,118 $36,492$25,109View Details
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
201476,443avg: $80,781median: $81,241
Metropolitan Transportation Authority2014 76,443 $80,781$81,241View Details
201465,789avg: $50,692median: $45,101
SUNY2014 65,789 $50,692$45,101View Details
Municipal Authorities
201461,850avg: $58,729median: $49,911
Municipal Authorities2014 61,850 $58,729$49,911View Details
Police Department
201455,619avg: $78,221median: $79,399
Police Department2014 55,619 $78,221$79,399View Details
201441,220avg: $31,754median: $13,673
CUNY2014 41,220 $31,754$13,673View Details
Department of Corrections
201433,296avg: $63,623median: $68,092
Department of Corrections2014 33,296 $63,623$68,092View Details
Election Poll Workers, Board of
201433,223avg: $701median: $775
Election Poll Workers, Board of2014 33,223 $701$775View Details
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities
201425,747avg: $45,409median: $47,090
Office for People With Developmental Disabilities2014 25,747 $45,409$47,090View Details
201417,198avg: $85,181median: $79,190
Judicial2014 17,198 $85,181$79,190View Details
Fire Department
201416,554avg: $96,829median: $109,955
Fire Department2014 16,554 $96,829$109,955View Details
Mental Health
201416,255avg: $60,899median: $57,350
Mental Health2014 16,255 $60,899$57,350View Details
Parks & Recreation, Department of
201415,120avg: $20,401median: $8,573
Parks & Recreation, Department of2014 15,120 $20,401$8,573View Details
Hra/Dept Of Social Services
201414,764avg: $49,044median: $46,344
Hra/Dept Of Social Services2014 14,764 $49,044$46,344View Details
Housing Authority
201413,627avg: $55,862median: $52,564
Housing Authority2014 13,627 $55,862$52,564View Details
Sanitation, Department of
201413,509avg: $61,438median: $74,794
Sanitation, Department of2014 13,509 $61,438$74,794View Details
201411,180avg: $84,647median: $72,061
Suffolk2014 11,180 $84,647$72,061View Details
Corrections, Department of
201411,135avg: $84,854median: $91,880
Corrections, Department of2014 11,135 $84,854$91,880View Details
Department of Transportation
20149,889avg: $54,326median: $53,768
Department of Transportation2014 9,889 $54,326$53,768View Details
20149,553avg: $41,295median: $37,858
Libraries2014 9,553 $41,295$37,858View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary