New York Employers

Employers Number 39649

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Valley Ridge Center for Intensive Treatment
20191avg: $7,000median: $7,000
Valley Ridge Center for Intensive Treatment2019 1 $7,000$7,000View Details
Southern Tier Network, Inc.
20191avg: $150,000median: $150,000
Southern Tier Network, Inc.2019 1 $150,000$150,000View Details
West Park Union Free Schools
20121avg: $6,346median: $6,346
West Park Union Free Schools2012 1 $6,346$6,346View Details
Saddle Rock
20121avg: $85,000median: $85,000
Saddle Rock2012 1 $85,000$85,000View Details
Rotterdam Ida
20121avg: $1,000median: $1,000
Rotterdam Ida2012 1 $1,000$1,000View Details
The Branch
20121avg: $5,000median: $5,000
The Branch2012 1 $5,000$5,000View Details
State Consumer Protection Bd
20111avg: $9,742median: $9,742
State Consumer Protection Bd2011 1 $9,742$9,742View Details
The Branch
20111avg: $5,000median: $5,000
The Branch2011 1 $5,000$5,000View Details
The Branch
20101avg: $5,000median: $5,000
The Branch2010 1 $5,000$5,000View Details

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