Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 1876

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
201717,093avg: $27,012median: $8,450
Oklahoma State University2017 17,093 $27,012$8,450View Details
District Wide Services
201716,382avg: $23,625median: $16,481
District Wide Services2017 16,382 $23,625$16,481View Details
University Of Oklahoma
201715,422avg: $28,363median: $10,819
University Of Oklahoma2017 15,422 $28,363$10,819View Details
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center
20178,868avg: $43,494median: $35,802
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center2017 8,868 $43,494$35,802View Details
Department Of Human Services
20177,019avg: $36,271median: $36,624
Department Of Human Services2017 7,019 $36,271$36,624View Details
City Of Oklahoma City
20176,740avg: $46,247median: $46,663
City Of Oklahoma City2017 6,740 $46,247$46,663View Details
Department Of Corrections
20175,406avg: $32,794median: $33,799
Department Of Corrections2017 5,406 $32,794$33,799View Details
Tulsa Community College
20175,231avg: $22,912median: $9,566
Tulsa Community College2017 5,231 $22,912$9,566View Details
Univ. Of Central Okla.
20174,248avg: $21,693median: $5,753
Univ. Of Central Okla.2017 4,248 $21,693$5,753View Details
Department Of Veterans Affairs
20172,781avg: $24,690median: $24,435
Department Of Veterans Affairs2017 2,781 $24,690$24,435View Details
Department Of Transportation
20172,596avg: $42,501median: $39,962
Department Of Transportation2017 2,596 $42,501$39,962View Details
County Of Tulsa
20172,544avg: $32,115median: $31,323
County Of Tulsa2017 2,544 $32,115$31,323View Details
Oklahoma State Department Of Health
20172,392avg: $40,551median: $40,879
Oklahoma State Department Of Health2017 2,392 $40,551$40,879View Details
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.
20172,261avg: $29,037median: $24,141
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.2017 2,261 $29,037$24,141View Details
Northeastern State University
20172,066avg: $18,623median: $7,301
Northeastern State University2017 2,066 $18,623$7,301View Details
City Of Tulsa
20171,861avg: $68,733median: $69,326
City Of Tulsa2017 1,861 $68,733$69,326View Details
County Of Oklahoma
20171,790avg: $26,037median: $25,947
County Of Oklahoma2017 1,790 $26,037$25,947View Details
Okla. City Community College
20171,701avg: $16,931median: $7,061
Okla. City Community College2017 1,701 $16,931$7,061View Details
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.
20171,661avg: $19,014median: $3,765
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.2017 1,661 $19,014$3,765View Details
University Of Central Oklahoma
20171,505avg: $49,603median: $43,327
University Of Central Oklahoma2017 1,505 $49,603$43,327View Details

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