Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 1824

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
201617,637avg: $29,232median: $8,348
Oklahoma State University2016 17,637 $29,232$8,348View Details
District Wide Services
201616,862avg: $23,611median: $16,334
District Wide Services2016 16,862 $23,611$16,334View Details
University Of Oklahoma
201615,423avg: $27,934median: $11,060
University Of Oklahoma2016 15,423 $27,934$11,060View Details
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center
20168,853avg: $43,122median: $35,553
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center2016 8,853 $43,122$35,553View Details
Department Of Human Services
20168,193avg: $34,972median: $35,000
Department Of Human Services2016 8,193 $34,972$35,000View Details
Department Of Corrections
20165,137avg: $34,046median: $35,501
Department Of Corrections2016 5,137 $34,046$35,501View Details
Univ. Of Central Okla.
20164,154avg: $18,576median: $5,700
Univ. Of Central Okla.2016 4,154 $18,576$5,700View Details
Department Of Veterans Affairs
20163,289avg: $22,791median: $21,439
Department Of Veterans Affairs2016 3,289 $22,791$21,439View Details
Tulsa Community College
20162,713avg: $21,268median: $9,096
Tulsa Community College2016 2,713 $21,268$9,096View Details
Oklahoma State Department Of Health
20162,600avg: $39,260median: $38,860
Oklahoma State Department Of Health2016 2,600 $39,260$38,860View Details
Department Of Transportation
20162,550avg: $43,232median: $39,933
Department Of Transportation2016 2,550 $43,232$39,933View Details
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.
20162,260avg: $30,133median: $25,059
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.2016 2,260 $30,133$25,059View Details
Northeastern State University
20162,185avg: $15,632median: $5,855
Northeastern State University2016 2,185 $15,632$5,855View Details
Okla. City Community College
20161,823avg: $18,138median: $7,539
Okla. City Community College2016 1,823 $18,138$7,539View Details
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.
20161,643avg: $18,551median: $3,752
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.2016 1,643 $18,551$3,752View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20161,548avg: $58,235median: $57,695
Department Of Public Safety2016 1,548 $58,235$57,695View Details
Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv
20161,515avg: $46,980median: $46,765
Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv2016 1,515 $46,980$46,765View Details
District Attorneys Council
20161,370avg: $38,124median: $34,128
District Attorneys Council2016 1,370 $38,124$34,128View Details
Cameron University
20161,264avg: $19,369median: $7,415
Cameron University2016 1,264 $19,369$7,415View Details
Rose State Colege
20161,213avg: $17,794median: $7,666
Rose State Colege2016 1,213 $17,794$7,666View Details

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