Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 1960

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
201917,445avg: $28,139median: $9,128
Oklahoma State University2019 17,445 $28,139$9,128View Details
District Wide Services
201915,514avg: $26,616median: $18,625
District Wide Services2019 15,514 $26,616$18,625View Details
University of Oklahoma
201915,113avg: $29,268median: $10,792
University of Oklahoma2019 15,113 $29,268$10,792View Details
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
201910,111avg: $40,348median: $24,321
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center2019 10,111 $40,348$24,321View Details
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
20197,008avg: $38,364median: $38,826
Oklahoma Department of Human Services2019 7,008 $38,364$38,826View Details
City of Oklahoma City
20195,451avg: $64,511median: $63,212
City of Oklahoma City2019 5,451 $64,511$63,212View Details
Oklahoma Department of Corrections
20195,401avg: $36,921median: $38,037
Oklahoma Department of Corrections2019 5,401 $36,921$38,037View Details
City of Tulsa
20193,942avg: $57,369median: $52,458
City of Tulsa2019 3,942 $57,369$52,458View Details
University of Central Oklahoma
20193,927avg: $15,714median: $4,550
University of Central Oklahoma2019 3,927 $15,714$4,550View Details
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
20192,738avg: $45,922median: $44,385
Oklahoma Department of Transportation2019 2,738 $45,922$44,385View Details
Tulsa Community College
20192,539avg: $23,257median: $9,642
Tulsa Community College2019 2,539 $23,257$9,642View Details
Tulsa County
20192,462avg: $34,061median: $32,936
Tulsa County2019 2,462 $34,061$32,936View Details
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
20192,277avg: $32,548median: $29,624
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services2019 2,277 $32,548$29,624View Details
Oklahoma State Department of Health
20192,231avg: $39,099median: $38,943
Oklahoma State Department of Health2019 2,231 $39,099$38,943View Details
Northeastern State University
20192,120avg: $20,382median: $7,200
Northeastern State University2019 2,120 $20,382$7,200View Details
Oklahoma City Community College
20192,093avg: $14,457median: $4,537
Oklahoma City Community College2019 2,093 $14,457$4,537View Details
Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs
20192,077avg: $31,026median: $30,124
Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs2019 2,077 $31,026$30,124View Details
Oklahoma County
20191,810avg: $26,337median: $25,082
Oklahoma County2019 1,810 $26,337$25,082View Details
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
20191,709avg: $19,653median: $4,156
Southwestern Oklahoma State University2019 1,709 $19,653$4,156View Details
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
20191,493avg: $61,225median: $62,911
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety2019 1,493 $61,225$62,911View Details

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