Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 1908

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
202015,892avg: $31,246median: $12,369
Oklahoma State University2020 15,892 $31,246$12,369View Details
District Wide Services
202015,325avg: $27,892median: $19,515
District Wide Services2020 15,325 $27,892$19,515View Details
University of Oklahoma
202013,445avg: $32,945median: $14,801
University of Oklahoma2020 13,445 $32,945$14,801View Details
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
202010,106avg: $61,074median: $43,971
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center2020 10,106 $61,074$43,971View Details
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
20206,899avg: $44,469median: $43,644
Oklahoma Department of Human Services2020 6,899 $44,469$43,644View Details
Oklahoma Department of Corrections
20204,964avg: $41,798median: $42,450
Oklahoma Department of Corrections2020 4,964 $41,798$42,450View Details
City of Oklahoma City
20204,724avg: $73,713median: $71,343
City of Oklahoma City2020 4,724 $73,713$71,343View Details
University of Central Oklahoma
20203,709avg: $25,282median: $7,259
University of Central Oklahoma2020 3,709 $25,282$7,259View Details
City of Tulsa
20203,617avg: $59,862median: $54,538
City of Tulsa2020 3,617 $59,862$54,538View Details
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
20202,543avg: $50,015median: $46,895
Oklahoma Department of Transportation2020 2,543 $50,015$46,895View Details
Oklahoma State Department of Health
20202,407avg: $43,606median: $43,583
Oklahoma State Department of Health2020 2,407 $43,606$43,583View Details
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
20202,316avg: $33,860median: $31,502
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services2020 2,316 $33,860$31,502View Details
Tulsa Community College
20202,254avg: $30,853median: $11,651
Tulsa Community College2020 2,254 $30,853$11,651View Details
Tulsa County
20202,157avg: $45,086median: $39,879
Tulsa County2020 2,157 $45,086$39,879View Details
Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs
20201,976avg: $32,785median: $32,685
Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs2020 1,976 $32,785$32,685View Details
Northeastern State University
20201,970avg: $23,743median: $8,182
Northeastern State University2020 1,970 $23,743$8,182View Details
City of Norman
20201,793avg: $32,219median: $14,648
City of Norman2020 1,793 $32,219$14,648View Details
Oklahoma County
20201,646avg: $29,247median: $26,954
Oklahoma County2020 1,646 $29,247$26,954View Details
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
20201,573avg: $60,162median: $58,670
Oklahoma Department of Public Safety2020 1,573 $60,162$58,670View Details
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
20201,565avg: $21,316median: $4,358
Southwestern Oklahoma State University2020 1,565 $21,316$4,358View Details

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