Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 1813

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma State University
201517,285avg: $29,598median: $9,752
Oklahoma State University2015 17,285 $29,598$9,752View Details
District Wide Services
201516,818avg: $23,909median: $17,059
District Wide Services2015 16,818 $23,909$17,059View Details
University Of Oklahoma
201514,952avg: $32,668median: $14,286
University Of Oklahoma2015 14,952 $32,668$14,286View Details
Department Of Human Services
20159,345avg: $36,584median: $37,409
Department Of Human Services2015 9,345 $36,584$37,409View Details
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center
20158,820avg: $47,953median: $39,224
Univ. Of Okla. Health Sciences Center2015 8,820 $47,953$39,224View Details
Department Of Corrections
20155,152avg: $38,290median: $40,078
Department Of Corrections2015 5,152 $38,290$40,078View Details
Univ. Of Central Okla.
20153,897avg: $26,184median: $8,085
Univ. Of Central Okla.2015 3,897 $26,184$8,085View Details
Department Of Veterans Affairs
20153,418avg: $26,252median: $23,502
Department Of Veterans Affairs2015 3,418 $26,252$23,502View Details
Tulsa Community College
20152,853avg: $25,882median: $11,370
Tulsa Community College2015 2,853 $25,882$11,370View Details
Department Of Transportation
20152,619avg: $48,702median: $46,149
Department Of Transportation2015 2,619 $48,702$46,149View Details
Oklahoma State Department Of Health
20152,602avg: $44,527median: $44,167
Oklahoma State Department Of Health2015 2,602 $44,527$44,167View Details
Northeastern State University
20152,497avg: $22,966median: $7,200
Northeastern State University2015 2,497 $22,966$7,200View Details
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.
20152,410avg: $31,614median: $27,414
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Serv.2015 2,410 $31,614$27,414View Details
Okla. City Community College
20151,929avg: $21,316median: $8,556
Okla. City Community College2015 1,929 $21,316$8,556View Details
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.
20151,823avg: $20,130median: $4,474
S. W. Okla. St. Univ.2015 1,823 $20,130$4,474View Details
Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv
20151,596avg: $53,033median: $53,712
Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv2015 1,596 $53,033$53,712View Details
Department Of Public Safety
20151,571avg: $67,363median: $65,577
Department Of Public Safety2015 1,571 $67,363$65,577View Details
East Central University
20151,485avg: $17,830median: $4,441
East Central University2015 1,485 $17,830$4,441View Details
District Attorneys Council
20151,436avg: $43,111median: $38,550
District Attorneys Council2015 1,436 $43,111$38,550View Details
Cameron University
20151,387avg: $21,879median: $7,703
Cameron University2015 1,387 $21,879$7,703View Details

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