Oklahoma Employers

Employers Number 11178

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors
20201avg: $58,452median: $58,452
Oklahoma Board of Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors2020 1 $58,452$58,452View Details
Oklahoma Centennial High School
20201avg: $1,297median: $1,297
Oklahoma Centennial High School2020 1 $1,297$1,297View Details
Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists
20201avg: $74,050median: $74,050
Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Psychologists2020 1 $74,050$74,050View Details
Putnam Heights Elementary School
20201avg: $103median: $103
Putnam Heights Elementary School2020 1 $103$103View Details
Pierce Elementary School
20201avg: $7,105median: $7,105
Pierce Elementary School2020 1 $7,105$7,105View Details
Northeast Middle School
20201avg: $4,949median: $4,949
Northeast Middle School2020 1 $4,949$4,949View Details
Native American Cultural & Educational Authority
20201avg: $41,100median: $41,100
Native American Cultural & Educational Authority2020 1 $41,100$41,100View Details
Green Pastures Elementary School
20201avg: $101median: $101
Green Pastures Elementary School2020 1 $101$101View Details
Oya Charter Manitou 6Th-8Th
20181avg: $41,200median: $41,200
Oya Charter Manitou 6Th-8Th2018 1 $41,200$41,200View Details
Washington Ec Ctr
20181avg: $11,292median: $11,292
Washington Ec Ctr2018 1 $11,292$11,292View Details
Oya Charter Tecumseh 6Th-8Th
20171avg: $1median: $1
Oya Charter Tecumseh 6Th-8Th2017 1 $1$1View Details
Transportation Dept
20171avg: $11,240median: $11,240
Transportation Dept2017 1 $11,240$11,240View Details
Washington Ec Ctr
20171avg: $7,233median: $7,233
Washington Ec Ctr2017 1 $7,233$7,233View Details
Haworth Jhs
20161avg: $27,831median: $27,831
Haworth Jhs2016 1 $27,831$27,831View Details
Special Services
20161avg: $26,040median: $26,040
Special Services2016 1 $26,040$26,040View Details
Indian Pupil Education
20161avg: $35,323median: $35,323
Indian Pupil Education2016 1 $35,323$35,323View Details
Juvenile Detention Ctr
20151avg: $20,789median: $20,789
Juvenile Detention Ctr2015 1 $20,789$20,789View Details
Transportation Center
20151avg: $6,018median: $6,018
Transportation Center2015 1 $6,018$6,018View Details
Transportation Specialist
20151avg: $46,200median: $46,200
Transportation Specialist2015 1 $46,200$46,200View Details
Support Services
20151avg: $16,234median: $16,234
Support Services2015 1 $16,234$16,234View Details

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Average Salary