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We have 47,517 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $77,858 and median salary is $67,752. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Charleston
20221,261avg: $73,831median: $68,304
City of Charleston2022 1,261 $73,831$68,304View Details
City of North Charleston
20221,111avg: $51,699median: $49,958
City of North Charleston2022 1,111 $51,699$49,958View Details
City of Greenville
2022653avg: $71,638median: $68,167
City of Greenville2022 653 $71,638$68,167View Details
City of Rock Hill
2022554avg: $71,298median: $65,401
City of Rock Hill2022 554 $71,298$65,401View Details
City of Myrtle Beach
2022491avg: $68,207median: $61,652
City of Myrtle Beach2022 491 $68,207$61,652View Details
City of Florence
2022181avg: $69,357median: $62,752
City of Florence2022 181 $69,357$62,752View Details
City of Bennettsville
2022169avg: $34,809median: $36,103
City of Bennettsville2022 169 $34,809$36,103View Details
City of Conway
202299avg: $66,204median: $61,837
City of Conway2022 99 $66,204$61,837View Details
City of Clemson
202280avg: $65,871median: $59,455
City of Clemson2022 80 $65,871$59,455View Details
City of Dillon
202235avg: $24,064median: $5,139
City of Dillon2022 35 $24,064$5,139View Details
City of Mauldin
202233avg: $66,182median: $64,000
City of Mauldin2022 33 $66,182$64,000View Details
City of Walterboro
202213avg: $74,732median: $73,372
City of Walterboro2022 13 $74,732$73,372View Details
City of Wellford
20223avg: $64,670median: $60,897
City of Wellford2022 3 $64,670$60,897View Details
City of Orangeburg
2021195avg: $44,404median: $42,016
City of Orangeburg2021 195 $44,404$42,016View Details
City of North Augusta
2021106avg: $68,034median: $62,541
City of North Augusta2021 106 $68,034$62,541View Details
City of Beaufort
202176avg: $72,976median: $65,357
City of Beaufort2021 76 $72,976$65,357View Details
City of York
202144avg: $66,027median: $59,720
City of York2021 44 $66,027$59,720View Details
City of Barnwell
202125avg: $41,163median: $41,475
City of Barnwell2021 25 $41,163$41,475View Details
City of Pickens
2020112avg: $19,054median: $11,336
City of Pickens2020 112 $19,054$11,336View Details
City of Johnsonville
202027avg: $34,674median: $38,565
City of Johnsonville2020 27 $34,674$38,565View Details