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We have 84,643 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,878 and median salary is $63,180. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Trident Technical College
2023428avg: $71,561median: $63,314
Trident Technical College2023 428 $71,561$63,314View Details
Midlands Technical College
2023386avg: $79,736median: $77,180
Midlands Technical College2023 386 $79,736$77,180View Details
Greenville Technical College
2023386avg: $72,480median: $64,112
Greenville Technical College2023 386 $72,480$64,112View Details
Spartanburg Technical College
2023260avg: $74,001median: $70,509
Spartanburg Technical College2023 260 $74,001$70,509View Details
Tri-County Technical College
2023254avg: $74,781median: $70,000
Tri-County Technical College2023 254 $74,781$70,000View Details
Horry-Georgetown Technical College
2023248avg: $68,659median: $62,730
Horry-Georgetown Technical College2023 248 $68,659$62,730View Details
York Technical College
2023178avg: $67,833median: $58,653
York Technical College2023 178 $67,833$58,653View Details
Piedmont Technical College
2023156avg: $69,848median: $60,685
Piedmont Technical College2023 156 $69,848$60,685View Details
Florence-Darlington Technical College
2023133avg: $72,764median: $67,418
Florence-Darlington Technical College2023 133 $72,764$67,418View Details
Central Carolina Technical College
2023107avg: $74,235median: $67,842
Central Carolina Technical College2023 107 $74,235$67,842View Details
Technical College of the Lowcountry
2023101avg: $69,052median: $60,813
Technical College of the Lowcountry2023 101 $69,052$60,813View Details
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
202385avg: $67,545median: $61,646
Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College2023 85 $67,545$61,646View Details
Aiken Technical College
202378avg: $71,354median: $63,814
Aiken Technical College2023 78 $71,354$63,814View Details
Northeastern Technical College
202353avg: $72,912median: $65,023
Northeastern Technical College2023 53 $72,912$65,023View Details
Denmark Technical College
202346avg: $70,136median: $60,938
Denmark Technical College2023 46 $70,136$60,938View Details
Williamsburg Technical College
202322avg: $76,325median: $59,997
Williamsburg Technical College2023 22 $76,325$59,997View Details
Horry-Georgetown Tech College
2018150avg: $65,750median: $58,775
Horry-Georgetown Tech College2018 150 $65,750$58,775View Details
Flo-Darlington Tech College
2018123avg: $67,830median: $60,760
Flo-Darlington Tech College2018 123 $67,830$60,760View Details
Central Carolina Tech College
201851avg: $66,619median: $58,250
Central Carolina Tech College2018 51 $66,619$58,250View Details
Orangeburg-Calhoun Tec College
201850avg: $64,732median: $58,328
Orangeburg-Calhoun Tec College2018 50 $64,732$58,328View Details