SC State Employee Salaries, SC Salary Database

We have 84,856 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,877 and median salary is $63,175. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Horry County
20231,523avg: $65,207median: $60,025
Horry County2023 1,523 $65,207$60,025View Details
Greenville County
20231,270avg: $69,038median: $63,590
Greenville County2023 1,270 $69,038$63,590View Details
York County
20231,202avg: $58,850median: $54,317
York County2023 1,202 $58,850$54,317View Details
County of Lexington
2023869avg: $65,821median: $60,983
County of Lexington2023 869 $65,821$60,983View Details
County of Dorchester
2023508avg: $70,369median: $60,256
County of Dorchester2023 508 $70,369$60,256View Details
Anderson County
2023443avg: $67,732median: $60,622
Anderson County2023 443 $67,732$60,622View Details
Calhoun County
2023286avg: $28,720median: $22,791
Calhoun County2023 286 $28,720$22,791View Details
Oconee County
2023213avg: $67,274median: $62,256
Oconee County2023 213 $67,274$62,256View Details
Greenwood County
2023181avg: $66,946median: $61,895
Greenwood County2023 181 $66,946$61,895View Details
County of Laurens
2023140avg: $64,125median: $58,703
County of Laurens2023 140 $64,125$58,703View Details
Jasper County
2023113avg: $63,876median: $59,798
Jasper County2023 113 $63,876$59,798View Details
Darlington County
2023112avg: $65,579median: $60,051
Darlington County2023 112 $65,579$60,051View Details
Marlboro County
202384avg: $30,752median: $11,065
Marlboro County2023 84 $30,752$11,065View Details
Chesterfield County
202376avg: $28,324median: $9,203
Chesterfield County2023 76 $28,324$9,203View Details
Lee County
202345avg: $40,896median: $46,292
Lee County2023 45 $40,896$46,292View Details
County of Saluda
202344avg: $63,782median: $61,481
County of Saluda2023 44 $63,782$61,481View Details
Orangeburg County
2022627avg: $40,779median: $39,014
Orangeburg County2022 627 $40,779$39,014View Details
Aiken County
2022329avg: $64,347median: $59,803
Aiken County2022 329 $64,347$59,803View Details
McCormick County
2022230avg: $25,370median: $28,928
McCormick County2022 230 $25,370$28,928View Details
Newberry County
202246avg: $66,360median: $64,968
Newberry County2022 46 $66,360$64,968View Details