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We have 84,643 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,878 and median salary is $63,180. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Greenville County Schools
202312,209avg: $42,886median: $45,195
Greenville County Schools2023 12,209 $42,886$45,195View Details
Charleston County School District
20234,581avg: $72,776median: $67,861
Charleston County School District2023 4,581 $72,776$67,861View Details
Horry County Schools
20233,835avg: $71,991median: $67,990
Horry County Schools2023 3,835 $71,991$67,990View Details
Richland School District Two
20231,937avg: $69,806median: $66,105
Richland School District Two2023 1,937 $69,806$66,105View Details
Aiken County Public School District
20231,579avg: $68,730median: $66,825
Aiken County Public School District2023 1,579 $68,730$66,825View Details
York 04 School District
20231,510avg: $67,555median: $64,858
York 04 School District2023 1,510 $67,555$64,858View Details
School District of Anderson 1
20231,213avg: $32,005median: $8,410
School District of Anderson 12023 1,213 $32,005$8,410View Details
School District of Chesterfield
20231,134avg: $38,631median: $39,057
School District of Chesterfield2023 1,134 $38,631$39,057View Details
School District of Pickens County
2023930avg: $66,517median: $64,210
School District of Pickens County2023 930 $66,517$64,210View Details
School District of Oconee County
2023806avg: $68,298median: $65,854
School District of Oconee County2023 806 $68,298$65,854View Details
District Five Schools of Spartanburg County
2023707avg: $68,763median: $65,466
District Five Schools of Spartanburg County2023 707 $68,763$65,466View Details
Clarendon 06 School District
2023324avg: $68,814median: $65,451
Clarendon 06 School District2023 324 $68,814$65,451View Details
School District of Fairfield
2023261avg: $68,606median: $66,215
School District of Fairfield2023 261 $68,606$66,215View Details
Anderson County School District 2
2023231avg: $66,760median: $63,777
Anderson County School District 22023 231 $66,760$63,777View Details
Spartanburg County School District Three
2023229avg: $63,895median: $64,855
Spartanburg County School District Three2023 229 $63,895$64,855View Details
School District of Greenwood 52
2023221avg: $40,355median: $45,109
School District of Greenwood 522023 221 $40,355$45,109View Details
Florence County School District Three
2023221avg: $65,935median: $63,437
Florence County School District Three2023 221 $65,935$63,437View Details
School District of Anderson 3
2023200avg: $67,942median: $65,670
School District of Anderson 32023 200 $67,942$65,670View Details
Lexington School District 4
2023178avg: $67,961median: $63,064
Lexington School District 42023 178 $67,961$63,064View Details
York Preparatory Academy
2023115avg: $66,205median: $61,778
York Preparatory Academy2023 115 $66,205$61,778View Details