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We have 84,643 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,878 and median salary is $63,180. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Hilton Head Island
2023361avg: $65,505median: $68,839
Town of Hilton Head Island2023 361 $65,505$68,839View Details
Town of Batesburg-Leesville
202381avg: $38,642median: $42,000
Town of Batesburg-Leesville2023 81 $38,642$42,000View Details
Town of Clover
202362avg: $27,413median: $6,000
Town of Clover2023 62 $27,413$6,000View Details
Town of Andrews
202355avg: $16,576median: $11,010
Town of Andrews2023 55 $16,576$11,010View Details
Town of Edisto Beach
202344avg: $31,791median: $16,228
Town of Edisto Beach2023 44 $31,791$16,228View Details
Town of Lake View
202335avg: $25,281median: $31,200
Town of Lake View2023 35 $25,281$31,200View Details
Town of Port Royal
202329avg: $73,897median: $64,208
Town of Port Royal2023 29 $73,897$64,208View Details
Town of Estill
202324avg: $36,185median: $35,361
Town of Estill2023 24 $36,185$35,361View Details
Town of Cowpens
202323avg: $23,538median: $19,733
Town of Cowpens2023 23 $23,538$19,733View Details
Town of McCormick
202322avg: $7,890median: $2,730
Town of McCormick2023 22 $7,890$2,730View Details
Town of Pendleton
202321avg: $43,788median: $52,469
Town of Pendleton2023 21 $43,788$52,469View Details
Town of Chapin
202318avg: $71,099median: $68,113
Town of Chapin2023 18 $71,099$68,113View Details
Town of Seabrook Island
202317avg: $43,503median: $56,376
Town of Seabrook Island2023 17 $43,503$56,376View Details
Town of Hickory Grove
202311avg: $7,904median: $5,400
Town of Hickory Grove2023 11 $7,904$5,400View Details
Town of Meggett
20238avg: $21,922median: $16,100
Town of Meggett2023 8 $21,922$16,100View Details
Town of South Congaree
20238avg: $22,129median: $2,250
Town of South Congaree2023 8 $22,129$2,250View Details
Town of West Union
20237avg: $36,673median: $42,000
Town of West Union2023 7 $36,673$42,000View Details
Town of Pelzer
20235avg: $1,360median: $1,200
Town of Pelzer2023 5 $1,360$1,200View Details
Town of Ridgeway
20235avg: $30,709median: $19,938
Town of Ridgeway2023 5 $30,709$19,938View Details
Town of Blacksburg
20234avg: $59,997median: $55,655
Town of Blacksburg2023 4 $59,997$55,655View Details