South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 162

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District Of Horry
20186,134avg: $43,878median: $44,442
School District Of Horry2018 6,134 $43,878$44,442View Details
School District of Charleston
20185,832avg: $45,021median: $42,000
School District of Charleston2018 5,832 $45,021$42,000View Details
University Of South Carolina
20183,702avg: $94,294median: $78,993
University Of South Carolina2018 3,702 $94,294$78,993View Details
Clemson University
20182,354avg: $92,646median: $79,023
Clemson University2018 2,354 $92,646$79,023View Details
School District of Oconee
20181,988avg: $35,102median: $34,542
School District of Oconee2018 1,988 $35,102$34,542View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20181,584avg: $93,113median: $80,000
Medical University Of Sc2018 1,584 $93,113$80,000View Details
School District Of Aiken
20181,165avg: $62,940median: $60,564
School District Of Aiken2018 1,165 $62,940$60,564View Details
County Of York
20181,080avg: $45,793median: $38,813
County Of York2018 1,080 $45,793$38,813View Details
Dept Of Health And Env Control
20181,033avg: $66,732median: $61,527
Dept Of Health And Env Control2018 1,033 $66,732$61,527View Details
Department Of Transportation
20181,023avg: $72,164median: $68,278
Department Of Transportation2018 1,023 $72,164$68,278View Details
Department Of Mental Health
2018904avg: $76,482median: $60,986
Department Of Mental Health2018 904 $76,482$60,986View Details
University Of Charleston
2018888avg: $79,252median: $69,000
University Of Charleston2018 888 $79,252$69,000View Details
County Of Charleston
2018836avg: $69,630median: $62,639
County Of Charleston2018 836 $69,630$62,639View Details
City of Charleston
2018826avg: $69,658median: $62,894
City of Charleston2018 826 $69,658$62,894View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2018691avg: $80,019median: $68,775
Coastal Carolina University2018 691 $80,019$68,775View Details
County Of Greenville
2018607avg: $69,913median: $63,440
County Of Greenville2018 607 $69,913$63,440View Details
School District of Sumter
2018602avg: $61,968median: $58,192
School District of Sumter2018 602 $61,968$58,192View Details
County of Oconee
2018555avg: $41,505median: $38,000
County of Oconee2018 555 $41,505$38,000View Details
School District Of Anderson 5
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
School District Of Anderson 52018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details
Charter School of Anderson Five
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
Charter School of Anderson Five2018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details

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