SC State Employee Salaries, SC Salary Database | 2015

We have 18,996 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $78,311 and median salary is $66,939. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of South Carolina
20153,345avg: $91,301median: $76,908
University Of South Carolina2015 3,345 $91,301$76,908View Details
Clemson University
20152,216avg: $90,736median: $77,746
Clemson University2015 2,216 $90,736$77,746View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20151,515avg: $93,143median: $80,000
Medical University Of Sc2015 1,515 $93,143$80,000View Details
Department Of Transportation
2015998avg: $70,239median: $66,844
Department Of Transportation2015 998 $70,239$66,844View Details
Dept Of Health And Env Control
2015913avg: $64,211median: $60,000
Dept Of Health And Env Control2015 913 $64,211$60,000View Details
University Of Charleston
2015843avg: $78,505median: $69,359
University Of Charleston2015 843 $78,505$69,359View Details
Department Of Mental Health
2015690avg: $80,746median: $62,844
Department Of Mental Health2015 690 $80,746$62,844View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2015596avg: $76,961median: $66,710
Coastal Carolina University2015 596 $76,961$66,710View Details
Department Of Education
2015398avg: $68,530median: $64,041
Department Of Education2015 398 $68,530$64,041View Details
Winthrop University
2015391avg: $74,257median: $66,326
Winthrop University2015 391 $74,257$66,326View Details
The Citadel
2015359avg: $75,478median: $66,611
The Citadel2015 359 $75,478$66,611View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2015356avg: $60,162median: $56,893
Department Of Public Safety2015 356 $60,162$56,893View Details
Midlands Technical College
2015326avg: $64,245median: $58,098
Midlands Technical College2015 326 $64,245$58,098View Details
Department Of Corrections
2015323avg: $69,279median: $63,000
Department Of Corrections2015 323 $69,279$63,000View Details
Department Of Social Services
2015296avg: $65,199median: $60,645
Department Of Social Services2015 296 $65,199$60,645View Details
Vocational Rehabilitation
2015290avg: $68,687median: $61,764
Vocational Rehabilitation2015 290 $68,687$61,764View Details
Trident Technical College
2015288avg: $63,963median: $58,813
Trident Technical College2015 288 $63,963$58,813View Details
Governor's Off-sled
2015264avg: $64,801median: $60,471
Governor's Off-sled2015 264 $64,801$60,471View Details
Department Of Administration
2015261avg: $74,580median: $69,032
Department Of Administration2015 261 $74,580$69,032View Details
Francis Marion University
2015248avg: $76,210median: $69,267
Francis Marion University2015 248 $76,210$69,267View Details