South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 145

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District of Horry
20176,166avg: $42,958median: $43,140
School District of Horry2017 6,166 $42,958$43,140View Details
University Of South Carolina
20173,702avg: $94,115median: $78,986
University Of South Carolina2017 3,702 $94,115$78,986View Details
Clemson University
20172,303avg: $92,862median: $79,665
Clemson University2017 2,303 $92,862$79,665View Details
School District of Oconee
20171,973avg: $34,680median: $34,200
School District of Oconee2017 1,973 $34,680$34,200View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20171,590avg: $93,724median: $81,172
Medical University Of Sc2017 1,590 $93,724$81,172View Details
School District of Richland 2
20171,424avg: $65,652median: $61,285
School District of Richland 22017 1,424 $65,652$61,285View Details
City of North Charleston
20171,172avg: $43,258median: $41,258
City of North Charleston2017 1,172 $43,258$41,258View Details
Dept Of Health And Env Control
20171,078avg: $66,412median: $61,527
Dept Of Health And Env Control2017 1,078 $66,412$61,527View Details
Department Of Transportation
20171,066avg: $72,044median: $68,341
Department Of Transportation2017 1,066 $72,044$68,341View Details
University Of Charleston
2017858avg: $79,596median: $70,163
University Of Charleston2017 858 $79,596$70,163View Details
Department Of Mental Health
2017770avg: $80,445median: $63,278
Department Of Mental Health2017 770 $80,445$63,278View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2017667avg: $80,130median: $68,823
Coastal Carolina University2017 667 $80,130$68,823View Details
County of Charleston
2017658avg: $69,538median: $60,938
County of Charleston2017 658 $69,538$60,938View Details
County of Greenville
2017587avg: $69,126median: $62,905
County of Greenville2017 587 $69,126$62,905View Details
School District of Anderson 5
2017567avg: $62,381median: $58,449
School District of Anderson 52017 567 $62,381$58,449View Details
County of Oconee
2017561avg: $62,387median: $62,000
County of Oconee2017 561 $62,387$62,000View Details
County of Lancaster
2017518avg: $40,510median: $38,279
County of Lancaster2017 518 $40,510$38,279View Details
Department Of Corrections
2017452avg: $68,814median: $61,942
Department Of Corrections2017 452 $68,814$61,942View Details
Department Of Education
2017448avg: $69,222median: $65,000
Department Of Education2017 448 $69,222$65,000View Details
County of Horry
2017443avg: $67,388median: $61,456
County of Horry2017 443 $67,388$61,456View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary