SC State Employee Salaries, SC Salary Database | 2020

We have 50,414 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $66,969 and median salary is $61,233. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Horry County Schools
20205,917avg: $46,726median: $47,142
Horry County Schools2020 5,917 $46,726$47,142View Details
University of South Carolina
20204,015avg: $94,441median: $79,774
University of South Carolina2020 4,015 $94,441$79,774View Details
Charleston County School District
20202,876avg: $67,454median: $62,381
Charleston County School District2020 2,876 $67,454$62,381View Details
Clemson University
20202,565avg: $94,678median: $81,156
Clemson University2020 2,565 $94,678$81,156View Details
School District of Oconee County
20201,973avg: $37,577median: $39,860
School District of Oconee County2020 1,973 $37,577$39,860View Details
Medical University of South Carolina
20201,683avg: $90,272median: $76,066
Medical University of South Carolina2020 1,683 $90,272$76,066View Details
Richland School District Two
20201,623avg: $67,372median: $62,977
Richland School District Two2020 1,623 $67,372$62,977View Details
Aiken County Public School District
20201,340avg: $65,535median: $63,209
Aiken County Public School District2020 1,340 $65,535$63,209View Details
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
20201,162avg: $67,331median: $62,571
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control2020 1,162 $67,331$62,571View Details
York County
20201,107avg: $47,289median: $39,200
York County2020 1,107 $47,289$39,200View Details
South Carolina Department of Transportation
20201,099avg: $73,209median: $69,362
South Carolina Department of Transportation2020 1,099 $73,209$69,362View Details
South Carolina Department of Mental Health
20201,038avg: $78,095median: $61,757
South Carolina Department of Mental Health2020 1,038 $78,095$61,757View Details
City of Charleston
2020991avg: $72,820median: $68,263
City of Charleston2020 991 $72,820$68,263View Details
University of Charleston
2020934avg: $80,144median: $70,671
University of Charleston2020 934 $80,144$70,671View Details
District Five Schools of Spartanburg County
2020866avg: $54,785median: $54,204
District Five Schools of Spartanburg County2020 866 $54,785$54,204View Details
Spartanburg County School District One
2020830avg: $36,864median: $39,572
Spartanburg County School District One2020 830 $36,864$39,572View Details
Horry County
2020769avg: $66,266median: $59,698
Horry County2020 769 $66,266$59,698View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2020698avg: $80,509median: $69,152
Coastal Carolina University2020 698 $80,509$69,152View Details
Anderson School District Five
2020626avg: $65,145median: $60,407
Anderson School District Five2020 626 $65,145$60,407View Details
Beaufort County
2020615avg: $71,467median: $65,903
Beaufort County2020 615 $71,467$65,903View Details