SC State Employee Salaries, SC Salary Database | 2018

We have 48,512 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $62,927 and median salary is $58,324. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
School District Of Horry
20186,134avg: $43,878median: $44,442
School District Of Horry2018 6,134 $43,878$44,442View Details
School District of Charleston
20185,832avg: $45,021median: $42,000
School District of Charleston2018 5,832 $45,021$42,000View Details
University Of South Carolina
20183,702avg: $94,294median: $78,993
University Of South Carolina2018 3,702 $94,294$78,993View Details
Clemson University
20182,354avg: $92,646median: $79,023
Clemson University2018 2,354 $92,646$79,023View Details
School District of Oconee
20181,988avg: $35,102median: $34,542
School District of Oconee2018 1,988 $35,102$34,542View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20181,584avg: $93,113median: $80,000
Medical University Of Sc2018 1,584 $93,113$80,000View Details
School District Of Aiken
20181,165avg: $62,940median: $60,564
School District Of Aiken2018 1,165 $62,940$60,564View Details
County Of York
20181,080avg: $45,793median: $38,813
County Of York2018 1,080 $45,793$38,813View Details
Dept Of Health And Env Control
20181,033avg: $66,732median: $61,527
Dept Of Health And Env Control2018 1,033 $66,732$61,527View Details
Department Of Transportation
20181,023avg: $72,164median: $68,278
Department Of Transportation2018 1,023 $72,164$68,278View Details
Department Of Mental Health
2018904avg: $76,482median: $60,986
Department Of Mental Health2018 904 $76,482$60,986View Details
University Of Charleston
2018888avg: $79,252median: $69,000
University Of Charleston2018 888 $79,252$69,000View Details
County Of Charleston
2018836avg: $69,630median: $62,639
County Of Charleston2018 836 $69,630$62,639View Details
City of Charleston
2018826avg: $69,658median: $62,894
City of Charleston2018 826 $69,658$62,894View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2018691avg: $80,019median: $68,775
Coastal Carolina University2018 691 $80,019$68,775View Details
County Of Greenville
2018607avg: $69,913median: $63,440
County Of Greenville2018 607 $69,913$63,440View Details
School District of Sumter
2018602avg: $61,968median: $58,192
School District of Sumter2018 602 $61,968$58,192View Details
County of Oconee
2018555avg: $41,505median: $38,000
County of Oconee2018 555 $41,505$38,000View Details
School District Of Anderson 5
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
School District Of Anderson 52018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details
Charter School of Anderson Five
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
Charter School of Anderson Five2018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details