South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 97

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
University Of South Carolina
20163,583avg: $93,716median: $78,986
University Of South Carolina2016 3,583 $93,716$78,986View Details
Clemson University
20162,307avg: $94,490median: $79,934
Clemson University2016 2,307 $94,490$79,934View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20161,590avg: $94,521median: $81,355
Medical University Of Sc2016 1,590 $94,521$81,355View Details
Department Of Transportation
20161,085avg: $71,894median: $68,200
Department Of Transportation2016 1,085 $71,894$68,200View Details
Dept Of Health And Env Control
20161,029avg: $65,361median: $60,562
Dept Of Health And Env Control2016 1,029 $65,361$60,562View Details
University Of Charleston
2016850avg: $79,851median: $70,542
University Of Charleston2016 850 $79,851$70,542View Details
Department Of Mental Health
2016758avg: $79,378median: $62,991
Department Of Mental Health2016 758 $79,378$62,991View Details
Coastal Carolina University
2016643avg: $79,580median: $68,823
Coastal Carolina University2016 643 $79,580$68,823View Details
Department Of Education
2016453avg: $69,000median: $65,047
Department Of Education2016 453 $69,000$65,047View Details
Winthrop University
2016408avg: $75,836median: $68,000
Winthrop University2016 408 $75,836$68,000View Details
The Citadel
2016384avg: $76,521median: $67,099
The Citadel2016 384 $76,521$67,099View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2016374avg: $61,693median: $57,913
Department Of Public Safety2016 374 $61,693$57,913View Details
Department Of Corrections
2016363avg: $71,166median: $63,715
Department Of Corrections2016 363 $71,166$63,715View Details
Midlands Technical College
2016356avg: $65,834median: $59,449
Midlands Technical College2016 356 $65,834$59,449View Details
Vocational Rehabilitation
2016337avg: $68,371median: $61,836
Vocational Rehabilitation2016 337 $68,371$61,836View Details
Department Of Social Services
2016335avg: $66,871median: $62,576
Department Of Social Services2016 335 $66,871$62,576View Details
Governor's Off-sled
2016301avg: $65,773median: $60,978
Governor's Off-sled2016 301 $65,773$60,978View Details
Trident Technical College
2016294avg: $64,248median: $58,466
Trident Technical College2016 294 $64,248$58,466View Details
Department Of Administration
2016277avg: $77,426median: $71,494
Department Of Administration2016 277 $77,426$71,494View Details
Greenville Technical College
2016264avg: $65,907median: $59,763
Greenville Technical College2016 264 $65,907$59,763View Details

Employees Number

Average Salary