Tennessee Employers

Employers Number 2472

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Children's Services
20153,829avg: $41,100median: $38,088
Children's Services2015 3,829 $41,100$38,088View Details
Tennessee Department of Human Resources
20203,779avg: $41,723median: $39,929
Tennessee Department of Human Resources2020 3,779 $41,723$39,929View Details
Children's Services
20163,731avg: $42,104median: $39,156
Children's Services2016 3,731 $42,104$39,156View Details
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
20203,713avg: $47,664median: $50,580
Tennessee Department of Children's Services2020 3,713 $47,664$50,580View Details
Human Services
20153,676avg: $36,834median: $33,132
Human Services2015 3,676 $36,834$33,132View Details
Tennessee Department of Transportation
20203,669avg: $48,246median: $42,237
Tennessee Department of Transportation2020 3,669 $48,246$42,237View Details
Rutherford County School District
20203,661avg: $55,440median: $55,291
Rutherford County School District2020 3,661 $55,440$55,291View Details
Hamilton County Schools
20173,590avg: $50,912median: $51,137
Hamilton County Schools2017 3,590 $50,912$51,137View Details
Hamilton County School District
20203,545avg: $57,912median: $57,406
Hamilton County School District2020 3,545 $57,912$57,406View Details
Rutherford County School District
20193,540avg: $53,909median: $53,763
Rutherford County School District2019 3,540 $53,909$53,763View Details
Hamilton County School District
20193,529avg: $56,148median: $55,700
Hamilton County School District2019 3,529 $56,148$55,700View Details
Human Services
20163,485avg: $38,229median: $34,092
Human Services2016 3,485 $38,229$34,092View Details
Hamilton County Schools
20183,392avg: $54,794median: $53,969
Hamilton County Schools2018 3,392 $54,794$53,969View Details
Rutherford County Schools
20173,360avg: $50,028median: $50,429
Rutherford County Schools2017 3,360 $50,028$50,429View Details
Rutherford County Schools
20183,358avg: $52,702median: $52,346
Rutherford County Schools2018 3,358 $52,702$52,346View Details
Childrens Services
20183,346avg: $45,824median: $47,808
Childrens Services2018 3,346 $45,824$47,808View Details
Human Services
20183,311avg: $40,242median: $38,173
Human Services2018 3,311 $40,242$38,173View Details
Williamson County School District
20203,251avg: $55,522median: $52,016
Williamson County School District2020 3,251 $55,522$52,016View Details
City of Chattanooga
20193,247avg: $38,306median: $36,991
City of Chattanooga2019 3,247 $38,306$36,991View Details
Williamson County Schools
20173,077avg: $50,220median: $47,140
Williamson County Schools2017 3,077 $50,220$47,140View Details

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