Washington Employers

Employers Number 3642

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Whitworth Water District
201919avg: $64,086median: $60,024
Whitworth Water District2019 19 $64,086$60,024View Details
Pollution Liability Insurance Prog
201719avg: $35,648median: $27,400
Pollution Liability Insurance Prog2017 19 $35,648$27,400View Details
Public Utility District of Kittitas County No. 1
201719avg: $76,772median: $61,611
Public Utility District of Kittitas County No. 12017 19 $76,772$61,611View Details
Sewer District of Valley View
201719avg: $77,916median: $79,595
Sewer District of Valley View2017 19 $77,916$79,595View Details
Port Of Coupeville
201619avg: $13,976median: $5,068
Port Of Coupeville2016 19 $13,976$5,068View Details
Public Disclosure Commission
201619avg: $61,832median: $53,100
Public Disclosure Commission2016 19 $61,832$53,100View Details
Port Of Kingston
201619avg: $24,875median: $26,054
Port Of Kingston2016 19 $24,875$26,054View Details
Port Of South Whidbey Island
201619avg: $19,388median: $7,638
Port Of South Whidbey Island2016 19 $19,388$7,638View Details
Onion Creek
201619avg: $24,513median: $15,287
Onion Creek2016 19 $24,513$15,287View Details
Okanogan Conservation District
201918avg: $28,362median: $27,202
Okanogan Conservation District2019 18 $28,362$27,202View Details
Port of Moses Lake
201918avg: $68,116median: $64,517
Port of Moses Lake2019 18 $68,116$64,517View Details
Port of Poulsbo
201918avg: $21,859median: $11,719
Port of Poulsbo2019 18 $21,859$11,719View Details
Port of Quincy
201918avg: $23,290median: $15,523
Port of Quincy2019 18 $23,290$15,523View Details
City of Millwood
201718avg: $23,364median: $8,320
City of Millwood2017 18 $23,364$8,320View Details
City Of Algona
201618avg: $68,853median: $65,328
City Of Algona2016 18 $68,853$65,328View Details
Conservation District Of Whatcom
201618avg: $44,294median: $52,113
Conservation District Of Whatcom2016 18 $44,294$52,113View Details
City Of Carnation
201618avg: $36,635median: $32,907
City Of Carnation2016 18 $36,635$32,907View Details
Port Of Kingston
201518avg: $24,474median: $19,198
Port Of Kingston2015 18 $24,474$19,198View Details
County Road Administration Board
201518avg: $83,723median: $89,500
County Road Administration Board2015 18 $83,723$89,500View Details
201518avg: $36,782median: $28,399
Boistfort2015 18 $36,782$28,399View Details

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