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Employers Number 1097

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
*service Purchase
20161avg: $101,027median: $101,027
*service Purchase2016 1 $101,027$101,027View Details
2018276avg: $80,959median: $84,825
Aces2018 276 $80,959$84,825View Details
2017278avg: $76,611median: $77,812
Aces2017 278 $76,611$77,812View Details
2016270avg: $76,382median: $79,988
Aces2016 270 $76,382$79,988View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201844avg: $48,913median: $51,398
Af Bridgeport Academy2018 44 $48,913$51,398View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201751avg: $32,171median: $35,911
Af Bridgeport Academy2017 51 $32,171$35,911View Details
Af Bridgeport Academy
201632avg: $40,463median: $46,831
Af Bridgeport Academy2016 32 $40,463$46,831View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201869avg: $57,623median: $61,637
Af Hartford Academy2018 69 $57,623$61,637View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201781avg: $41,246median: $43,546
Af Hartford Academy2017 81 $41,246$43,546View Details
Af Hartford Academy
201661avg: $45,954median: $47,124
Af Hartford Academy2016 61 $45,954$47,124View Details
African-american Affairs Commission
20163avg: $98,951median: $77,606
African-american Affairs Commission2016 3 $98,951$77,606View Details
African-american Affairs Commission
20154avg: $65,400median: $63,276
African-american Affairs Commission2015 4 $65,400$63,276View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2018162avg: $46,778median: $38,160
Agricultural Experiment Station2018 162 $46,778$38,160View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2017159avg: $50,339median: $45,779
Agricultural Experiment Station2017 159 $50,339$45,779View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2016183avg: $45,318median: $37,462
Agricultural Experiment Station2016 183 $45,318$37,462View Details
Agricultural Experiment Station
2015204avg: $40,783median: $20,946
Agricultural Experiment Station2015 204 $40,783$20,946View Details
Amistad Academy
201879avg: $50,979median: $51,020
Amistad Academy2018 79 $50,979$51,020View Details
Amistad Academy
2017104avg: $34,560median: $30,068
Amistad Academy2017 104 $34,560$30,068View Details
Amistad Academy
201670avg: $47,855median: $44,443
Amistad Academy2016 70 $47,855$44,443View Details
Andover Bd Of Ed
201625avg: $70,677median: $75,578
Andover Bd Of Ed2016 25 $70,677$75,578View Details

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