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We have 171,205 CT state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in CT is $35,965 and median salary is $33,119. Look up state of CT employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Bridgeport by school name or teacher name.

Connecticut Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Town of Norwich
20221,738avg: $42,712median: $33,196
Town of Norwich2022 1,738 $42,712$33,196View Details
Hartford Board of Education
20221,658avg: $32,064median: $31,862
Hartford Board of Education2022 1,658 $32,064$31,862View Details
Bridgeport Board of Education
20221,592avg: $32,636median: $31,713
Bridgeport Board of Education2022 1,592 $32,636$31,713View Details
Stamford Board of Education
20221,565avg: $38,368median: $37,900
Stamford Board of Education2022 1,565 $38,368$37,900View Details
Waterbury Board of Education
20221,497avg: $31,066median: $29,515
Waterbury Board of Education2022 1,497 $31,066$29,515View Details
Norwalk Board of Education
20221,261avg: $37,681median: $36,171
Norwalk Board of Education2022 1,261 $37,681$36,171View Details
Connecticut Department of Labor
20221,107avg: $33,251median: $27,984
Connecticut Department of Labor2022 1,107 $33,251$27,984View Details
Gateway Community College
20221,059avg: $15,082median: $10,326
Gateway Community College2022 1,059 $15,082$10,326View Details
Danbury Board of Education
20221,044avg: $34,165median: $32,082
Danbury Board of Education2022 1,044 $34,165$32,082View Details
Naugatuck Valley Community College
20221,040avg: $15,364median: $9,255
Naugatuck Valley Community College2022 1,040 $15,364$9,255View Details
Fairfield Board of Education
20221,027avg: $36,826median: $36,832
Fairfield Board of Education2022 1,027 $36,826$36,832View Details
West Hartford Board of Education
2022982avg: $36,560median: $39,115
West Hartford Board of Education2022 982 $36,560$39,115View Details
Greenwich Board of Education
2022976avg: $44,527median: $46,486
Greenwich Board of Education2022 976 $44,527$46,486View Details
Capitol Region Education Council
2022975avg: $35,994median: $35,692
Capitol Region Education Council2022 975 $35,994$35,692View Details
Town of Fairfield
2022965avg: $48,049median: $12,636
Town of Fairfield2022 965 $48,049$12,636View Details
New Britain Board of Education
2022962avg: $43,833median: $47,241
New Britain Board of Education2022 962 $43,833$47,241View Details
Town of Manchester
2022948avg: $49,290median: $38,059
Town of Manchester2022 948 $49,290$38,059View Details
Manchester Community College
2022853avg: $15,326median: $7,404
Manchester Community College2022 853 $15,326$7,404View Details
State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles
2022839avg: $33,057median: $32,166
State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles2022 839 $33,057$32,166View Details
Connecticut State Department of Administrative Services
2022832avg: $44,215median: $44,221
Connecticut State Department of Administrative Services2022 832 $44,215$44,221View Details